*stormy days & sleeping pigeons

Happy 2. Advent!
We had such heavy storms yesterday and the whole night it was so noisy and it is still stormy outside. We visited a Christmas market, but the weather was unbearable to be outside for a longer time and there were so many people, far more than expected, that it was hard to see anything! I guess I am cured for a period of time now again from such social events. Maybe we will find something more calm next time. But still it was nice to see how people enjoyed it to be able to make things like that again and all the lights that they put everywhere and my personal highlight was the flock of pigeons that was sleeping in the window sills of the clocktower of the church. They looked so peaceful above this crazy crowd of people.


Lily said...

Beautiful pics!

wideeyedtree said...

Danke, liebe Silke!