*Only at Christmas

{Music: Only at Christmas Time – Sufjan Stevens}


*winter mistiness

The very last days of the year. 
I hope you feel ready for a fresh start!


*sweet preparations

It's not the taste, it is the smell, the feeling it creates when baking in the right mood happens without time pressure and expectations. It's never the same in the other seasons, it's only at Christmas... :)


*in between

In between the snow days we had some misty, wet days where everything was bathed in the most wonderful green tones. The lichens on the branches were glowing and nature was soaking up gratefully the rain after that exceptional dry year.


*winter birds

Winter birds.


*the snow

I could not imagine a world without ice and snow.
Although it's so inhospitable for a human to live in the cold,
it's same time amazingly refreshing for all senses.


*frosty tones | part 2

It just started to snow in this very moment. 
Huge snowflakes hovering slowly to the ground.
I made gingerbread which left the sweetest smell in the home
 and today I want to make one of my favorite sort of chocolate cookies.
Have you started baking Christmas cookies yet? Which are your favorites?


*frosty tones | part 1

 Colourwise this is my favorite time of the year, 
especially when the first morning frosts have set in.
All is glittery and still.
What a magical time!
Have a nice second Advent weekend!



Dear Sasja, whom I got to know over Instagram made me this lovely dusty pink bonnet. I truly love it! It's so soft and comfortable to wear! Go, check out her instagram site here + here! She makes beautiful stuff and is such a kind person!


*of winter fruits and nests full of rose hips

Do you know medlars? They ripen after the first frosts and taste very unique and for people who try them first-time they might need a little to get used to the taste, but I really like them and think of having my own tree in the garden sometime.
On one of my walks I spotted a bird nest which was filled to the top with rose hips. It was hard to get a decent picture, because the nest was surrounded by thorny branches, but I really had to take one. The thought of the bird collecting all those rose hips to stuff his nest amused me somehow :)
Have a lovely first Advent weekend!