*Big and small birds

In the last years the population of common buzzards in our area has grown immensely. I was lucky enough to get a picture of one that was sitting on a wayside cross next to the street. February has nearly come to an end. We had a really dark and misty period again, but suddenly the sun came out which felt amazing after all those dull days. I started to clean the greenhouse and was searching for the first spring flowers in the forest, but no luck yet! But the sounds of happy birds are clearly showing the way to spring.


*a long and frosty walk

We had some new snow today, but soon temperatures are going up a bit. I still have a lot of wintery pictures to share but slowly but surely I feel saturated by the cold season and ready for some spring air!
I feel so sleepy lately, but it seems I am not the only one!

Let's make a little list again with things that made us happy lately!

• A big duck family crossed the street on our way home. They were not in a hurry at all and the cars had to stop for them. I was lucky enough to take a picture, but it's not developed yet.
• I will soon get a new, old analogue camera from my dear friend Lotte who is not using it anymore and I am very excited to try it out!
• I got some seeds for spring and can't wait to sow them
• I had the most delicious sweet chestnut tart for Valentine's day
• Reading, reading, reading <3
• This youtube video → {klick}

What's on your list?


*A new year

{Music: Dream 11 – Max Richter}

I saved some memories of the beginning of the new year for a little movie again.
Just observing the gently dance of the snow flakes and the birds collecting their food at the bird feeder is giving me a sense of stability in uncertain times like these. I hope you can find stability in your life, too!


*winter land

Glimpses from winter land.


*fairy wizward

I felt like painting my big-nosed, long bearded fairy wizard again and his home tower that is surrounded by giant flowers.

Since yesterday everything outside is covered with a thick layer of clear ice and when I say everything, I really mean it. Even the earthy ground, the whole lawn and trees and the streets so badly that we are not able to make a step outside, it's too slippery and the vehicle that usually salts the streets, crashed into the hill in front of our home, sirens are howling and the cellular network is not working anymore. I really like wintery weather, but black ice is not that funny actually. Let's see how it goes on! In any case, have a good week and see you soon again!


*wintery paths

Some winter walk impressions.
On the third picture is one of my favorite lichen species,
the pebbled pixie-cup {Cladonia Pyxidata}.