October 31, 2019


Get outside and play with the wind!

October 29, 2019

*end of October

In the last years it often happened that it gets really warm again at the end of October and this time it was the same. On the weekend we worked a lot in the garden and watered our hedge and all trees again before we have to deactivate the garden fountain over winter and we also made a forest walk and it felt actually more like summer and we accidentally found some mushrooms that I cooked later for lunch. But now it's colder again, I worked a lot in the home and wrapped gifts for a friends Birthday which I always love to do. Let's see what those last October days will bring!

October 26, 2019

*bullet journal

Since three years now I am messing around on a way of bullet journaling that works for me and only in the last month I managed to puzzle it out. Since five years I am using a little notebook called "One line a day" where I write down the most important happenings of each day, but it ends in December and I don't want to start a new one even though I really liked the idea and it worked really well for me, but I have another journal on the side where I write down to-do lists, important addresses, books that I have read, ideas and all sorts of other things. As I don't want to carry around two journals anymore, especially when traveling, I want to combine everything now into only one journal starting from 2020 in a visual pleasant way. Are you using journals and have you found a method of journaling that works the best for you? Or are you also always trying to improve and find the ultimate way of staying organized?

October 24, 2019

*apple red

The apple season is over and only now and then some lonely ones are still defying gravity.
Today I left home early and made the longest walk in the morning mist. I have forgotten the time and when I came back it was midday already, so I skipped breakfast and made some oven butternut squash for lunch, the perfect meal for autumn days like these. In the afternoon it became really warm outside, but soon there will be a change in the weather. I'm curious when there will be the first snow this year! But until that let's enjoy those late October days!

October 21, 2019

*dreamy autumn days

I still like to make pictures with my old zenit-E camera the most, especially with my 29mm lens. Those photos mostly have such a dreamy atmosphere and also the colors are much softer than with other cameras. Unfortunately the shutter curtain does not work properly anymore when it gets colder outside and I have to fall back on more reliable cameras.

Finally it's cold enough to wear my pretty bonnet again that Sasja made for me last year! I simply love it! Next to her blog she also has a lovely tumblr page, if you want to follow her there as well!

My sister also started a blog not so long ago to share her travel adventures! At the moment she is backpacking somewhere in Spain and I love to get updated on her experiences and interesting people she met! 

Wishing you a good start into the new week!

October 18, 2019

*a second moon

I love how the summer colors are fading more and more, everything is ready to go inwards again. Since several days now we have morning fog that slowly dissolves around midday. But soon there will come those days where it will stay foggy all day long and the sun will only now and then shimmer like a second moon through the grey sky. We have carried a big load of wood into the cellar to be on the safe side for the coming season. I lit the first candle before going to bed and when I blew it out again, the smell brought me back to all the winters I had experienced in my life. The last days I used further to clear out things again that will serve others better than me and did some kind of fall cleaning, I scanned in new analogue pictures and worked on new illustrations. Are you prepared for the cold season to come? In any case I wish you a cozy autumn weekend!

October 16, 2019

*the greenest of greens

Where the greenest of greens are to be found
I put my naked feet on the ground.
Where the reddest of reds manifest
I lay down my head for a rest.
Where the light touches only the mist
all my worries cease to exist.

October 15, 2019

*nature journal

First pages of my nature study sketchbook. I used mainly watercolors and brought out the main points with colored pencils. Let's see if I am able to stay on task. It would be nice to have this journal filled someday!

October 11, 2019

*forest being

Amongst forest spirits.

October 10, 2019

October 07, 2019

*mountain river

At the end of August we visited a beautiful mountain river. I loved to wade in it and I even washed my hair in the cold, clear water that had no more than 12 degrees. It was one of my personal highlights of this summer. It made me feel very quickly very alive and as if my soul has been purified as well somehow.

October 05, 2019

*fly agarics

Little red tempting spots here and there between the forest green.

October 04, 2019

*forest harmony

This forest was just perfect – the light, the warm colors that go so well together, the atmosphere, the scents, the little birch trees in between. I could be there all day long without getting bored. Hopefully I manage to see this place in winter someday!