April 27, 2022

*Snow in April

Snow in April,
the return of the swallows,
garden moments, 
spring pottery
and one of my favorite pieces of music:
Blue Mountains by Joe Kirby

April 24, 2022


It's so beautiful when the forests are shining purple from all the blooming liverleafs. Sometimes I find white ones and this year I even spotted a pink version! Sadly I did not have my camera with me when I found it, but it was so pretty and had a really strong pink color.

April 22, 2022

*ceramic things

Those ceramic pieces are still from my second firing, I'm especially fond of the set of birds with the dried flowers, but you can also use them for holding incense. I'm still totally thrilled by the pottery process and have many new ideas in my head, only the time is missing! I have worked in the garden mostly and on illustrations commissions, but today it is raining and so I will stay inside more and will have a calmer day, doing things in the home, reading a letter and maybe paint for myself, let's see...

April 16, 2022

*Birthday walk

Those pictures are all from our long walk on my Birthday last month (except for the last one, it was made a little later, but it matches the others), the one where we got a bit lost in the end. At the beginning it snowed gently, but later the sun came out as a present and we met a really nice couple with a chihuahua, similar to Sunny, but a little bigger and it was a girl. Nature was still sleeping back then, since some days now spring is stepping on the gas and you can see clear changes with every new day. Last week I managed to prepare all garden beds and sowed most vegetables. When the weather is better again I will continue with the flowers! We are having some deer living very close to the house, I see them mostly in the mornings and evenings when I open the house door and of course I can observe them through the windows. Sadly it is also the time of the year where the most wild animals die on the streets and my heart is aching every time I see another carcass lying at the side of the road. I will go now and prepare some things for Easter and I hope you enjoy your Easter weekend!

April 13, 2022

*ceramic slugs

Before I'm heading into the garden, I want to show you this little ceramic slug collection I made. A Roman snail found also it's way into the group.

April 10, 2022

*watercolor update & spring portrait

It's time for a little watercolor update again! I'm very much in Easter mood with my paintings lately and on Friday I took the opportunity to make a spring portrait for my Instagram account with the flower hair band that I got from my friend Susanna to my Birthday. It is still so cold and windy outside that I haven't started sowing seeds in the garden beds yet, but as soon as it is a little more comfortable outside I want to start! I have been on the flea market today to look for cheap plastic bowls to make my own plaster molds that I can use for clay. I already made three, but they need so much time to dry with this cool temperatures, but I hope I can use them soon. I also made a birth announcement illustration for a little baby boy which was a really nice project. It was all about sea animals which is a theme that I also enjoy very much as you can imagine. There is not much more to tell at the moment, I hope you had a nice weekend and are able to do the things that you enjoy!

April 06, 2022

*ceramic birds

A second little batch of ceramic birds. I like them very much and hope they will find a new home soon! I also made little handmade & hand painted boxes for them to add to their uniqueness.

April 05, 2022

*first snowdrops

A few pictures that I made when looking for snowdrops. On that day I was wearing a thick legging under my dungarees, because it was still so chilly outside, but the cold made the sky look so blue and clear and the flowers like little ice balls on the ground. Yesterday I added some of my ceramics and new postcards to my Etsy shop, in case you are interested! Maybe I can add some new prints later as well. Have a good start into the day!

April 04, 2022

*more ceramics

A little slow with showing all the ceramic pieces that I have made so far, but I try to catch up the next weeks! I made 8 of the little jewelry holder with the little birds in different blue tones for the "water". I really like to play with white glaze or engobe on natural clay tones.
Have a nice day!

April 03, 2022

*April is here!

We had our long-awaited rain and suddenly it started to snow and we woke up to a real winter landscape today. It felt surreal and refreshing at the same time! Yes, it's April! We made a long walk in the forest and had a calm afternoon. We are having so many different birds in the garden at the moment and every day rabbits and deers are crossing the field behind the house. A lot to observe! My window sills are filling up with seedlings for the vegetable garden and overall I am looking forward to be more outside again. It is usually a busy time where I do not know what to do first! But my body has to adapt to the sun first and this is usually a slow process. It feels so overwhelming after all those dark months and I have to take a lot of care to not overdo it. I wish you a good start into April!