summer in the forest

Summer in the forest.
Lot's of purple foxgloves and mushrooms from the rain.
We also found some edible already. I hope to find some more to dry and preserve for winter in autumn.


pink summer fields

Red, white and lastly these are the pink poppies I have spotted this summer.
I'm in love!



My cucumber plants seem to like this unstable summer,
they are growing already to the roof and outside the windows of the greenhouse and I had to remove so many leaves to be able to walk inside to water them. The upper picture is from today in the morning. On the right you can spot some bitter melon plants. Since I got my first seeds from Coco from Japan, I cultivated them every year and I am happy it worked out every time! Even though this season is really a tricky one! It took over 2 months until they finally germinated.
Temperatures cooled down a lot here, the fresh air in the mornings feels nearly like autumn!
Have a lovely weekend!



♥ summer fields



This is what I did today (next to having a really wonderful barbecue):
floating around in the water.

Good night!


mountain lake

I loved this place. This turquoise mountain lake and because of the weather, we were totally by ourselves. I surely want to go back there!
Have a good weekend!


hair fork

I normally don't advertise a lot on my blog, but these beautiful handmade wooden hair forks and sticks I have to show you! Since my hair is longer, I have problems pinning it up like I used to do, so I was searching for different solutions and discovered the first time in my life that something like a hair fork even exists! Ha! I found this DaWanda Shop called Alpenlandkunst of a man who creates them with all different kinds of wood. Because I did not know which version works the best with my type of hair and because prices were really reasonable I ordered all three types and I am totally excited! It works much better and easier than I thought and I love the natural look! What do you think? Here you can also see his website and all his other wooden creations.


Kärnten trip

When we have been on our vacation in Kärnten (the one we had to cancel in the end because of Sunny), our first stop was at the Völkermarkter reservoir, a huge lake surrounded by a wonderful mountain scenery, only the weather was so bad that it was hidden behind the clouds most of the time. In the morning dawn we made a walk away from the civilisation and discovered a big flock of swans. It was really magical.


white poppy

White poppy 


magical dreams

The landscapes I see in my night dreams, can not be found here on earth.
Often the skies do not show only one sun and moon, they show different other planets and suns, also in the daytime which looks just amazing! When I stroll trough the landscapes, silver or golden shining glitter is flying around in the air, similar to when seeds from plants fly around in a summer field in the evening sun. Often I can't believe what I see and touch everything around me to feel how solid it is, how real.
Today I will finally pick the first ripe cucumber! It took quite some time this year... Wishing you a good start into July!