June 30, 2019


Just being in nature surrounded by flowers and wild grasses
secretly feels like one of the most meaningful things to me.

{The blue vintage dress is a gift from my dear sister}

June 29, 2019

*words and hearts

They divide
what is supposed to stay whole.
They come out of my mouth too quick
not at all.
They hurt
without intention
and can not describe
what I have to say

They don't need words.
They are eyes without mouths.
They are hands without nails.
Always whole
and so simple.

June 28, 2019

*red poppy

One of my favorite time is when my giant red poppy starts to bloom. It planted itself some years ago, directly behind the greenhouse and started with one flower and every year it got more. You often try so hard to grow a specific plant outside and you fail and then out of the nowhere a beautiful plant grows for you without any effort. Life is beautiful!

June 27, 2019

*forest bear

Spoonflower made another animal portrait tea towel contest and I could not resist taking part again. Last year I made this fox and this time I decided to make a matching forest bear. I made place 17 of 611 submissions which was quite a surprise! The fabric is available now in my spoonflower shop! If you order one Fat Quarter of "Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra" fabric, you get exactly one tea towel out of it, if you order one yard, you can make 4 towels.

June 24, 2019

*all the flowers

Early summer was full of the most beautiful flowers. My aquilegia collection is growing every year. This year I got a yellow sort from my mother and I am growing a purple sort from seeds my dear Lotte sent me in a letter. It was not easy to make them survive, because first there was this long cold period and then suddenly there came a heat wave from one day to the other that is continuing since. The meadows are looking like in August right now from the strong sun. Hope you are enjoying your summer so far! We have been to the ocean, so I am saturated with fresh sea air and good feelings :)

June 23, 2019


My dear friend Sasja started a blog
to share her creative adventures!
If you love photography, writing, crocheting,
nature and an overall creative lifestyle,
feel free to visit her site!
She is also to be found on Instagram @schilderachtigs!

June 13, 2019


The door is open!

June 03, 2019


Plans for June
• attending a lecture
• dancing with the wind
wandering through poppy fields in the evening sun
• lots of reading
• swimming naked in the ocean
• observing hedgehogs
• making lots of fresh elderberry ice tea
• illustrating & experimenting
• listening to the sounds of waving cornfields
• walking barefoot
• writing letters
• playing ukulele
• starting a brand-new journal
{to be continued}