October 31, 2020


Old lantern
Autumnal outfit
Autumnal food/Drink
Animal of choice
Happy Halloween

I always wanted to join Inktober. For those who do not know what Inktober is, it is a drawing challenge where you paint each day of October one picture (prompts are given). But because I know already that I wouldn't manage, I chose a lighter version hosted by Sara Kajba, better known as Moonchildillustrations. The challenge was called #moontoberweekends and we had to paint 10 prompts, mostly presented on the weekends. I thought I make a coherent series and invent new mouse characters for it. I hope you like them and I wish you a happy Halloween evening!

October 28, 2020

*fairy tales

Another month is coming to an end already! We had very foggy days lately. A thick fog blanket that rested on our region the whole day. It inspired me to make long walks in the early morning hours where everything was still so calm. I met several roes that were lying between the vineyards. We observed each other quietly and I manage to get away again without distracting them.  There is a box in the city where you can bring books that you don't need anymore. When I put in some of my read books again, I found a beautiful book with a collection of Andersen's fairy tales that I took home with me. I really love it! Many fairy tales and stories that I did not know yet and that touched me deeply. It is the perfect time for a good read! I hope you are doing well and enjoy the last October days! Stay cozy + take care!

October 22, 2020


A set of evening skies of the beginning of fall. The birds in the first picture are almost looking like leaves that are blown from the tree. It was a lovely moment!

October 15, 2020

*autumn days

How has your October been so far?
We have made another canoe trip, actually it's a kayak, but I always mistake them. It was just before the weather changed and it got really cold and rainy again afterwards, so we were lucky.
I'm still working on a painting project that lasts the whole October. I will show it here as soon as I am finished! I tried out two new cake recipes, both cakes turned out really tasty. Somehow autumn always motivates me the most to bake and try out new food creations. Also I am already daydreaming about which flowers I will sow in our garden next year. I ordered some seeds that I want to try out. Recently I had visits from a grasshopper that rested every day in a different one of my zinnia flowers. Observing nature is one of my favorite things and lately the skies are so beautiful, especially in the early mornings when the crows are passing by and the moon is still visible in the east. I hope you are making the best of this beautiful month and see you here soon again!

October 09, 2020


{Music: Micolai – Blue Dot Sessions}

October 02, 2020


October has started.
I made jam out of the last plums from the tree. The last ones always taste the best in my opinion. And I worked in the garden and on a new painting project. My heart is heavy though because of family concerns and I hope that all will lead into a good direction. Believing in god means to believe in miracles and that all has his order that we only are not always able to overview.