January 31, 2022

*Winter magic & A new year

{Music: Winter Music Instrumental – Land of Frost}

January is coming to an end already! I did not film a lot as I have been quite occupied, but when we had the most magical frost I had to take my camera out to capture it. We made a few times a camp fire in the garden to roast some of our own potatoes. Further I treated myself with the most beautiful handmade ceramics made by the dear soul Daria (https://herbariumflow.com) which I'm enjoying every day since. I hope you will have a good start into February! See you soon again!

January 25, 2022

*early morning mist

Those misty winter mornings are one of my favorites as you may know already. They never fail to affect me with their calm and otherworldly atmosphere! The wafts of mist are creating forms in the corners of my eyes when trudging through the snow and I always feel kind of observed even if no one is out there. 

January 19, 2022

*from my winter diary

Pictures from my winter diary. 

Snow feels far away already, we had heavy storms instead and an impressive moon is adorning the dark winter sky. In the evenings I take my time to work a bit with clay everyday, trying out different techniques without any rush. It's very grounding and exactly what I need right now when being confronted with a lot of worldly issues.

January 15, 2022

*moody winter days

From moody winter days.

January 11, 2022

*one moment of pink

For a very short time the light turned all pink outside, just before the sun set and all became very gloomy again. But this pink winter light is truly magical and I was glad to capture that moment.
Ever since we have a new fireplace and rearranged our garden bench, I like to drink my tea there and enjoy the wintery garden for a moment. We also roasted some potatoes again in the ember of the open fire. I think I enjoy a winter fire even more than a summer fire! Last year we planted a persimmon tree, it was damaged from the strong hail, but it seems it will recover. Do you like persimmons? The ones on the picture are of course not from our tree, it is still too small to have fruits, but hopefully in the future. 

January 09, 2022

*winter magic

Just wanted to stop by for a moment and share some winter magic.

January 04, 2022

*happy list

First "happy list" of the new year:

• a little bird came through the window inside my work room and sat down on my computer
• a hand pained little rabbit card from my dear friend Cécile from France in my mailbox
• working with clay again after a long time
• I made cough sweets with sage from the garden
(I don't have a cold, but I really love sage)
• enjoying the best smelling handmade incense sticks from a wonderful soul friend
• candlelight!
• watching "Little Women" for the first time
• starting a new book to read
• daily visits from "Rudi" the pheasant

January 02, 2022

*a new start

Welcome in 2022!
Did you have a good transition?
We had a very enjoyable Silvester with good food, table games and going up the little hill behind our house to watch the fireworks at midnight. In my past I really hated this time of the year, but since I am able to celebrate in the way that feels most appropriate to me, it gets better with every year!
The first day of the new year I spent with planting some flower bulbs, sorting out emails and other files, starting a new journal and drinking lots of hot cocoa and tea and today I prepared new kimchi for the fermentation crock and got some business work done. A thick white blanket of fog is resting on the area we live, but I can show you some wintery pictures that I made in December. It feels good to have a fresh start with lots of little dreams and hopes for the year :)