June 27, 2016

*wild poppy

Not long ago a huge field not far away from our home was surrounded by wild poppy. The atmosphere was so appealing that I visited this place several times to enjoy this red flower ocean.

June 26, 2016

neighbor lady

I have no direct neighbors, but the closest to us lives an old lady, alone with her cat in a tiny house. Her husband died over 15 years ago and since then she is alone. Her niece helps her with doing the groceries and the "Volkshilfe" (peoples aid Austria) comes twice a day to control her health state and helps her with putting on clothes and such things. Every now and then I visit her or help her with feeding the cat, if she is in hospital or can't do it by herself for some reason. She is in a bad health state, has extreme kyphosis and scoliosis, but her mind is very vivid and I can talk very openly with her. I admire how she keeps being so cheerful when she never leaves the house and since some time now, she does not even leave her kitchen room, where also her bed and wood stove is. She does not watch TV, or read and she does only very seldom turn on the radio to listen to the Sunday Mass. Whenever I am there, a candle is lit in front of a picture of her late husband. I am highly intrigued by people and their individual life paths and personalities. She is a Pisces like me, her birthday 5 days after mine. When I lay in bed at night, I often think of her and wonder what she is thinking now.
I can see how her loss of her husband and her way of thinking about herself created her back problems. It's hard to dissolve old patterns. If you observe others carefully, you can learn so unbelievable much!
On the picture you can see her roses. When she was not able to go outside anymore, I took a picture of them when they were in full bloom and printed it out to gift her.

June 23, 2016


We have been on a vacation in the mountains, but had to cancel it and drive back, because Sunny got sick and will have an operation today.
Today all I wish is that Sunny will survive. Again and again I am confronted with my biggest fears. Loosing him. I am a person who is aware of death in every moment. Whenever I look at someone I love, I am highly aware that I won't have this person in this form forever. This sounds depressing, but on the other side it makes me remember the most important things. Where I come from, death does not exist. That makes living here so disturbing. In my heart I know we are all eternal, but still I am attached very much to everyone that is so close to me. Sometimes I grief even before I loose someone. This is not healthy. But I do it, because I am scared to be not prepared. Life is so intense.

Quick update: Sunny is ok! He is back home with me now, recovering! Thank you for your kind words and thoughts! Today will be the hottest day so far, up to 35 degrees! Have a good day!

June 22, 2016


Lilac summer days.

June 12, 2016

*at the lake

At the end of May we made a weekend trip to the lakes of the wood quarter. Weather was changeable, so it happened that there were hardly any other people. I could imagine living a life on the road, staying at different pretty places with only little luggage, living in the moment, enjoying nature and sleeping in the van. Sunny loves it too. Whenever we return from one of our trips, he refuses to step out of the vehicle. And he wants to jump inside every car that has the door opened which can be tricky sometimes ;)
Weather is still changeable, but I managed to go swimming several times. It's not really the summery feeling yet, but refreshing for the whole body system. Enjoy your last weekend hours + see you soon again ;)

June 10, 2016

*the woods, the woods

I felt like deleting 5 years of my blog. Liberating! And now I'm looking forward what the future might bring! Happy Friday to you all!

June 06, 2016

*home sweet home

I love the sound of empty rooms.
I'm sure you all experienced it, when you moved from one place to another, how it changed the sound of the room after putting in all your belongings. Empty spaces have a peculiar charm to me. I often daydream of a huge room in a mansion with high ceilings, an old wooden floor and big opened windows with transparent curtains, fluttering in the wind. My whole being is breathing a sigh of relief when thinking of this. The house we live in has quite small rooms, nevertheless I managed to bring in that feeling more and more. Energy is floating around as it should and the sound of empty spaces returns.
At the weekend I took my time to stick in some more pictures into my inspiration journal. This is always a relaxing thing to do.
Weather is pretty crazy right now, thunder and sun alternate quicker than you think it might be possible. A good start into the new week to you all, my dear readers!