June 23, 2018


The Wanderer

What is she like?
I was told –
she is a
melancholy soul.

She is like
the sun to night;
a momentary gold.

A star when dimmed
by dawning light;
the flickr of
a candle blown.

A lonely kite
kept lost in flight – 
someone once 
had flown.

– Lang Leav

June 20, 2018


Feeling very overwhelmed lately
and unable to communicate properly 
with others.
It feels like I can not take comfort in words,
only in silence and self-forgetfulness.

June 17, 2018


In June it is all about flowers.

June 12, 2018


Jay illustration & pattern.

June 10, 2018

*a forest tale | part 2

Years ago I found a picture of flowers in the internet that I like so much. I kept looking at it over and over and only recently I saw this kind of flower in nature the first time in my life. What a delicate, dreamy plant! It is called soldanella alpina (last picture).

June 08, 2018

*a forest tale | part 1

Visited this little abandoned house again. {Maybe you remember it from here.} I was glad to see that it was not taken down yet! It evokes all kind of fantasies in me. A home of a poet or a herbalist. I always think about how I would restore a certain building and which furniture would fit best. It's a nice mind game. I would love to visit it in winter season someday when all is covered in snow!