January 09, 2016

*snow part II

Some more snow pictures.
Enjoy your weekend!

January 06, 2016


Because it's so rare,
some pictures of the snow
that we finally have
for the last 3 days.

January 02, 2016

*the new year + clear spaces

What a beautiful thing the winter sun is!

The new year has started and it really feels like it's gonna be a good one.
I went through my resolutions from last year and must say that I made quite good steps in realizing them without putting too much pressure on me. The last months were all about letting go and I can not put in words how good it feels to finally be able to let go so much better than all the last 34 years. For the people who don't know me that well, I was always the person who was afraid to forget and filled tons of pages with my thoughts about everything that happened and secretly cried for lost loves even though I was already in a new relationship. I saved all pictures and memories and it felt like I even had to hold on to very painful things, because this seemed a lot saver than having nothing to hold on at all. And the memories and all the stuff have grown bigger and bigger until I was not really able to carry it anymore longer and the longing for feeling just peacefully and lightly was overwhelming me. I always envied people who expressed their anger and hatred and just went on with their life blaming others and saving their heart while I felt condemned to still love everyone I ever loved and feeling the pain of not being able to be part of their lives anymore like your own children that you have to let go to let them live their own life at some point.
I always loved clear spaces that allow me to breathe and think clearly. And one would not imagine how much the outside is connected to the inside of oneself. I have started that journey, the journey of letting go and reducing to the things I really enjoy and need and I don't know where it will lead me,  but it feels good to leave old paths, let go the fear of the unknown and don't order my inner voice to be quiet anymore. Because what else did it bring me but pain?
As a creative person that works from home, it is obvious that you still need stuff to create, so my work room won't be empty. But the rest of the house I will continue to transform. It is not my aim to have only 100 possessions or anything like that, but to simply have less and enjoy it more. To use it actually. In my childhood I collected many things that I actually did not dare to use, because I wanted to save the fun. I saved it for so long until the stuff was unusable anymore.
Minimalism is not only about things, it is equally applicable to all areas in life.

Unusual open words from me. Maybe you recognize yourself a bit in it. If so, let me know what you are thinking! Have a lovely weekend!