Summer blue skies and wild camomile.



Another garden update. 
We had very hot temperatures lately, this garden year is still very tricky, lots of my plants died because the wind in combination with the strong sun dries them out completely, regardless of how much I water them and because it is so dry we have extremely many mice this year. They don't eat up the plants so much, but they pull them out while making their tunnels and then the roots suffer. Also lots of chockchafer grubs and greenflies this year. So the outside garden beds do not look very good, but inside the greenhouse it is much better, because plants are more protected from the winds.
So I was able to harvest a lot of mangold where I got seeds from Lily from lisbethsnotes and just now first raspberries are ripe and soon I can pick the first cucumber. For the rest I try to be some more patient. Let's see what the coming weeks will bring! For more pictures, feel free to have a look into Lotte's  and my  garden album on flickr.
Have a lovely day!


*end of spring

Yellow fields and dark clouds.


*spring forest green

The forests are looking so fresh at this time of the year –
so soothing for the eyes.
I was lucky enough to catch this orange-tip on camera. In German it is called Aurorafalter (Aurora butterfly).
Have a good start into June!



I know not many people like the idea of having a dead animal in their home.
When I was a child I always wanted a fox scarf. I was highly aware that it was a dead fox and still I wished I had one. I wished I had this dead fox with whom I could cuddle.
Life can be so paradox.
I have this magpie from a woman who's grandpa had magpies in his garden and he let someone make this preparation for him and the woman did not want to keep it. And I – what should I say – I love it.  And when getting reactions from others about it, I feel ashamed that I like it so much, because I can understand them, but still I want to keep it. Even though I know it is a dead bird, I don't see death in it when I look at it at all.
What is death anyway.