June 23, 2023

*Early summer days in the countryside

{Music: Breathe – Emotional Soft Piano}

After those difficult weeks, I felt eager to be out in nature again, to be able to walk and move and enjoy the simplest things. I just want to feel summer, be able to take part in this new season that is coming with so many blessings. And it has just begun!

June 22, 2023


Some softness for your day.

June 20, 2023

*dog days in June

Almost another week has gone by,
we are having dog days, at least temperature wise. Everyday above 30 degrees and I'm very busy with providing water for the garden plants. Those pictures are from May. In the meanwhile the blowballs have gone with the wind and everywhere are red glows from the wild poppy that is growing wildly this year. I will go outside now to pick some woodruff for fresh tea and raspberries for the breakfast. I don't feel very communicative these days, but I hope you can make the best of your time and don't forget to enjoy the little things.

June 15, 2023

*dreamy ceramics

It is still going slow here, as you probably already have thought so yourself when noticing my absence.

Besides of doing tasks in the house, I started to do more in the garden again and currently I am collecting lots of camomile, mint, elderflowers, rose petals, thyme and many more to dry and preserve for winter. The strawberries have grown so well this year, I'm enjoying them everyday for breakfast and as a little snack when working outside. The rich garden season has officially started!

I wanted to show the first batch of this years ceramic pieces a while now. I made them in winter and did not think that it would take me so long to finish them, but the circumstances delayed everything and now I was not sure if I should wait to show the candle holders, when darker days are here again, but I decided to show them anyway. But a candle can also be nice when lit in a mild summer evening at the balcony or terrace, don't you think?

My shop is closed at the moment, but I hope I will be able to open it maybe in July again.
Take care + until soon!

June 06, 2023


I'm recovering from a very bad relapse right now, but today I'm feeling like sharing some pictures again which surely is a good sign. The first two pictures show a surprise letter that I got from my dear friend Olivia, she painted herself with my little Sunny in her arms. I was very touched, also because there is a certain story behind it's making. I really love her art and feel very grateful!
 When being bound to bed, I miss my little companion very much. He gave me strength to go further in difficult times. I always said that he is my greatest "joy bringer" and he truly was.
I hope June is treating you better and that you enjoy the early summer days!