*Elephant series

Elephants :)


*watercolor update

A little watercolor painting update for you!
Enjoy your weekend!


*gardening moments

Each garden year is different. This makes it on the one hand tricky, but on the other hand it's also interesting. This gardening season I had to water my plants the least so far which is a nice relief and many plants do not care the moody skies, others develop much slower. At the moment the sunflowers are in full bloom and I was able to harvest first tomatoes. The cucumber plants are huge already and also some ripe zucchinis are waiting for me to be picked! This is truly a good time of the year, when there is so much edible to be found in the garden. Sometimes even overwhelming when it all starts to ripen at the same time! But the rain did also make the weeds grow enormously, and when you sit there on your knees pulling out those sometimes really big and rebellious weed parts, you feel like atoning all your sins. Often I struggle with my deficient strength. It's really physical hard work to maintain a garden. But it makes you grateful for every food you put into your mouth, no matter who had grown or prepared it. Enjoy your summer days!


*simple things

Once again it are the simple things that fill my heart with joy:
the delicate pedals of wild roses,
a beautiful book that I got from a dear friend,
clover on the kitchen table
and last but not least
my little hairy friend that is keeping me company.
Life is friendly overall. 


*light pink poppy

Light pink poppy fields and heavy skies. Not feeling very talkative lately, but I hope you are doing well and are able to enjoy the long summer days!



When borders become blurred.