December 31, 2021

*Fourth Advent

{Music: Miramis – Oskar Schuster}

Here is my last little movie of my Advent series. 

I wish you all the best for the new year!
May it bring many joy- and peaceful moments to us!

December 27, 2021

*Christmas time

How are you doing? Did you have a nice Christmas celebration? We were very close to have a white Christmas, but in the end it got suddenly much warmer, but started to snow again on the 25. in the evening and now it's still white outside. I'm doing things slowly and leave much time for rest, introspection and just letting the old year end. Drinking lots of tea, feeding the birds, painting a bit – just enjoying the silence. Unfortunately one of my films got lost at development center. A film full of autumn memories. I don't have much hope that it will be found again, but let's see.

December 24, 2021

*Third Advent

{Music: The less we know – Ocie Elliott}

Wandering through endless white,
my soul so close,
that the cold is not able to touch me.

Wishing you all wonderful Christmas time!

December 23, 2021


Dec 1 Traipsing through the snow
Dec 5 Robins
Dec 9 Candlelight
Dec 13 Visiting a Christmas Market
Dec 17 Rooftops
Dec 21 Cabin in the woods
Dec 25 Christmas star

I think I already mentioned earlier that I joined the advent challenge this year again. It is the third time I am participating this kind of drawing challenge and I am happy that I managed to finish all seven prompts in time! Hope you enjoy them and have a nice evening!

December 18, 2021

*Second Advent

{Music: Time to go – Matteo de Grandis}

The second Advent week brought a lot of snow, joy and beautiful sunrises.

December 17, 2021


One of my favorite illustrations I made this year. I had it in my mind for such a long time and it's always nice to bring such ideas finally to life. The fourth Advent weekend is near and I wish you to spend it in the most wonderful way! If everything goes well we will collect our Christmas tree. The snow is gone and we had some gloomy days. I am waiting since many weeks for a film to be developed. I guess it's all delayed because of the "lockdown" situation. But hopefully soon I can share more pictures here again!

December 13, 2021

*First Advent

{Music: Valse Imaginaire – Oskar Schuster}

Moving pictures of my first Advent week.

December 12, 2021

*yellow & orange

This year is so different to the other years I have been living here. Usually November presents itself as an endless dark and misty month with lots of frosty mornings. But this time we hardly had any frost, so the leaves stayed extra long on the trees and we had even quite some days filled with sunshine that made it easier for me at the beginning of the cold season. Especially considering that I did not have a summer this year and usually my body is still filled with summer sun at this time of the year. So, autumn was gentle to me as if he knew what I have been going through. I hope December is treating you well and that you can have a nice second Advent!

December 07, 2021

*daylight gets rare

When autumn passes into winter,
when daylight gets rare
and the room is filled with the scent of candles
and dried leaves,
my soul feels at home –
like in a golden cocoon.

December 06, 2021

*Winter, I'm ready for you

{Music: Slow Tide – Ocie Elliott}

November was so full of beauty and pain at the same time.
So much to feel for me.
So much.
And then the snow came.

December 02, 2021

*sunset birds

There is this little biotope area about a fifteen minute car ride away from where we live. We love to go there when the sun sets as the chances are high to see some flock of birds. When the sun has set they seek rest in the high grasses and you can hear their vivid chatter. The darker it gets the more silent they become. It's always amazing to see how beautiful a little piece of land becomes when it's declared as wildlife reserve and how many animals are able to find shelter. 

December 01, 2021

*A Giving World

Finally I'm able to share the painting with you that I made for a wonderful book project back in April. Twenty-six illustrators from all around the world were asked to create an artwork to a specific theme. I picked the theme "Freedom" as it is very dear to me and an ongoing longing in my life!

On the website you can read more about the two kind souls Heather Lean and Leigha Huggins who realized this beautiful project and there are interviews of all artists! Here is my interview in case you want to read it!

"The Giving World" is available on Amazon as paperback and kindle version!

I hope you like my little hedgehog enjoying his world of freedom!

November 29, 2021

*first Advent

The first Advent weekend was really wonderful. We had so much snow which made it very easy to get into pre-Christmas mood. We made nature walks, went up a castle ruin with a wonderful view over all the wintery rooftops. In the evening I made an advent wreath with fir branches and decorated it with walnuts and poppy seed capsules from the garden. A few survived the summer hails luckily. 

I hope you enjoyed the first Advent weekend and that you do not have too much worries on your mind!

November 26, 2021

*The first November days

{Music: Eftir Sneeuwland – Oskar Schuster}

November is coming to an end already, 
but I have a little movie here of the beginning of the month. We are really having the first snow today,
it is so beautiful and calming! This time of the year = ♥︎

November 25, 2021

*withered sunflowers

I love the final stage of sunflowers, when the birds have picked out all the seeds already and the framework of the plant is glowing in a reddish earth tone. 
In August R. cut off 30cm of my hair again. Always a very freeing moment! It's about 15 years ago that I last have been at a hairdresser. I know many of you love going to the hair salon, but I really find it very uncomfortable there.
We still had no real frost yet, but it is getting really chilly and when the forecast was right, we will have the first snow tomorrow! Let's see!

November 18, 2021



Kite + Harvest





Magic wand

Last year I took part in the #moontoberweekends drawing challenge. And because it was so much fun I was happy to take part this year as well. I did not manage to complete it, but here are all the prompts I made! Hope you enjoy them!

November 16, 2021

*fall shades

Some heavy fall shades in my recent photos.
Fitting to my heavy heart.
But no pain lasts forever.
And there are always hints of hope and helpers,
invisible as the wind.