*at the lake

What a calm moment at the lake in the evening sun.


*dandelion heaven

Welcome to dandelion heaven!


*when the trees were still in full bloom

When the trees are in full bloom and the meadows more yellow than green, I love to just sit with my little old friend on a blanket in the garden to make garlands out of dandelions and daisies. Soaking up the first warm sun is magical. As you can see, not only for me :)


*forest fairy

Not long ago we had a few wonderful days in the woods.
They inspired me to make this forest fairy illustration and pattern.


*from days in the woods

I hardly ever wear jewelry,
it makes me feel uncomfortable.
But I have very few pendants that I really cherish
and this moonstone pendant is one of them.


*the wind was blowing gently

The wind was blowing gently...



This weeks spoonflower design challenge was all about "cycling". This is my contribution. Happy Friday!



Abandoned places, busy beavers
and awakening forests.