July 07, 2021

*watercolor summer

Summer influences also my watercolor paintings a lot lately. I feel like picking more intense colors like this wonderful red that is handmade by tinyclouds

July 06, 2021

*orange and rose

Summer with it's vibrant colors is fully here!
The fields are yellow and shiny and stag beetles are flying majestically around in the evening air and we are able to pick cherries and different berries from the garden to enjoy the full taste of this season. Something in me always feels a bit overwhelmed in this time of the year, there is so much to do and feel, and everything gets ripe at once and screams for attention. But to wear light clothes and the long bright evenings are giving a lot of freedom and my body feels so satisfied after a long good swim and when being able to soak up all that sunlight. How do you feel about summer? Are you able to enjoy it?