The sun is hiding since 22 days. It even feels longer and the longing for soaking up some sunbeams grows with every day a little more. But today for a short time she showed up to ensure us that she's still there. 


*peachy flowers

After I have told you that I am playing around with watercolors a lot lately, I wanted to show you some of the results. I painted a lot of peachy flowers and created new patterns for my spoonflower shop. I really like how they turned out and I am learning so much while making my experiments. I also filmed a little bit while painting, but I don't know yet to get good recordings from the process as I either have to hold the camera in one hand, or use the tripod, but it's too big somehow to place on the table, so I have to figure it out still. So be patient with me :)


*linden garden | part 3

The last part of our walk in the misty linden garden. Today in the morning I somehow could smell the snow, it's not here yet, but it feels near. But the coming days will be too warm for it for sure.  Like most days I was deeply occupied with painting with my watercolors. The hours go by so extremely quickly then! The days are rushing past me, but I feel like being in a save bubble floating around comfortably and peaceably.


*linden garden | part 2

Every time I visit that place I have to take a picture of this weird blue circus-like cage and every time I wonder what it looks like in the middle of winter when there lies a lot of snow. So far I did not manage to be there in winter time, but maybe this time!

Can you believe that in only one month it's already Christmas?! It just came to my mind some moments ago.


*linden garden | part 1

Every now and then we visit the garden of a private castle with its beautiful big old linden trees and stone statues in between. This time it was very misty again and this gave the whole place even a more special atmosphere. It was like wandering about in a dream and I just waited the trees to tell their stories to me.


*I reach out for you

{Music: La souvenance – Oskar Schuster}

November was so far a beautiful month, no snow yet, but many misty and also some frosty days. Garden work has stopped and gives a lot of free time for playing around with my watercolors and since candle light season has started, it feels extra cozy. I hope you are all doing well and make the best of this new month!


*misty mourning | part 2

The storms are still going on. We decided to make a forest walk despite of the heavy winds and the deeper we got into the woods, the better and the more sheltered I felt. My whole being needed that so much today.
Which are the places that you visit that make you instantly feel better? Do you have your secret spots that you regularly seek to feel balanced? A pretty place next to a lake or the sea or a lovely old Café?
I hope you are all doing good and having a comfortable Sunday evening!


*mushroom studies

The mushroom theme is not letting me go :)
So I made some watercolor studies of different forest fungi.
It was nice working with many layers of color to create some depth and to learn about how the colors react together in the end. 


*misty mourning | part 1

The world is full of spiders.
In this misty times it gets even more obvious as their diligent constructed spiderwebs become all visible and I never get tired of admiring them.

We have such heavy storms right now, the wind was howling all night and the branches of the firs were constantly clacking against the roof of our home. Dreams of broken off trees were haunting me.
And the storm goes on.


*mushroom & animals

Recently I started an illustration series with mushrooms and animals that I wanted to show you, but I am not sure if I will continue so soon as I am working on something different again right now. :)


*holding on to the last leaf

Of days full of red, green and grey tones.

I take a lot photos of flock of birds, but unfortunately those pictures are often missing when I collect my developed film from the shop, same happens with cloud pictures. Obviously the machines or employees sort them out, because obviously they look like underexposed pictures or something like that which really often bugs me. I don't have a good negative scanner, maybe someday I will invest in one to be able to scan all those lost sky pictures.


*frosty mornings

The mist rises from the empty fields and your breathing air becomes visible, all the green tones are coated with a shiny white layer and your cold fingers make you feel alert to the core. 
A season full of contrasts – inside and outside.


*Endless fog

{Music: Singur – Oskar Schuster}

The October fog turned everything into a whole other world. I personally love the atmosphere of such misty days and last month we had really plenty of them. When the sun tries to shine through the heavy blanket of mist, all the little dew drops start to shimmer in the withered grasses and flowers and details become visible that are usually well hidden. It's truly a magical time of the year!


*some things

Some things never change.
Like for example me enjoying climbing on trees :)
How about you? What did you used do a lot in your childhood that you are still enjoying today?