April 27, 2023

*Garden, nature & home moments in April

{Music: Moi – Pascal Pinon}

April is coming to an end already and I want to share some "moving" pictures again with you.
It all goes a bit slower in the garden and with growing veggies, because of the low temperatures, but now and then the sun and winds start to feel a bit warmer and it is more comfortable to be outside and I enjoy all the blooming trees and meadows full of dandelions and daisies. Every spring keeps a promise somehow and all in me is more than ready for the warm season now.

The little painting of Sunny that I have on my wall was a gift by my dear Marie that she made herself and sent me shortly after Sunny has passed away. She made two, actually! The other one is hanging in our bedroom at the moment. I was and still am very touched by this kind gesture of her!

April 26, 2023

*Ich fürchte mich vor der Menschen Wort

Ich fürchte mich so vor der Menschen Wort.
Sie sprechen alles so deutlich aus:
Und dieses heißt Hund und jenes heißt Haus,
und hier ist Beginn und das Ende ist dort.

Mich bangt auch ihr Sinn, ihr Spiel mit dem Spott,
sie wissen alles, was wird und war;
kein Berg ist ihnen mehr wunderbar;
ihr Garten und Gut grenzt grade an Gott.

Ich will immer warnen und wehren: Bleibt fern.
Die Dinge singen hör ich so gern.
Ihr rührt sie an: sie sind starr und stumm.
Ihr bringt mir alle die Dinge um.

{Rainer Maria Rilke}

April 22, 2023

*spring is here for real

At the moment I am working every free moment in the garden, if the weather allows it. Suddenly there is so much to do and think of, all at once. It is always one of the busiest times of the year and I try not to get too overwhelmed, but it's tricky! Finally there are also enough greens to pick to make fresh juices, I like to juice stinging nettles, chickweed, dandelion, mint with carrots or fresh fruits and ginger to wake my tired winter body and it simply tastes delicious! Today we had the warmest day so far, it actually felt a little like summer! 
The pictures above are back from March. The carnations that I got to my Birthday were blooming almost a whole month! It was amazing!

April 16, 2023

*wake me from my slumber

Wake me from my slumber
so I can see myself in nature's mirror,
so I can touch the moss on the trees
and feel the wind between the twigs of the trees
that are putting forth fresh buds to welcome their annual rebirth.

Wake me from my slumber
so I can feel my feet again,
so I can meet you apart from my dreams,
to dance with you between snowdrop's shadows,
innocently and real.

Wake me from my slumber
so I can be here again
for you.

April 10, 2023

*Apricot bloom & first greenhouse preparations

{Music: Roots – The Melodic}

The apricot trees are usually the first trees that are starting to bloom in our garden, so it feels always quite special and marks the begin of spring for me. The weather is still really cold here, minus degrees in the nights and every now and then some snow or soft hail and so much wind! On a milder day I used the opportunity to sew new covers for the greenhouse. They are well needed, because the intensity of the sun is usually too strong for the plants, especially when they are still smaller. I'm looking forward for some warmer days to work further in the garden and am daydreaming of all the flowers that will appear bit by bit!

April 08, 2023

*watercolor update #2

It's time to show some more paintings I made in the last months. I painted a second dog in a flower meadow and want to create a series. I'm also thinking of designing new writing paper, I have already some ideas that I want to realise. I just wonder about the right size, I usually love to have a lot of space when I write letters for example and prefer the A4 format, but I made a poll on Instagram yesterday and to my surprise 85% of the people prefer A5 format, but maybe I will make both. Let's see...
The Easter weekend will be quite moody, we had some rain and snow already today, nevertheless I wish you a wonderful time with your loved ones!

April 04, 2023

*I have felt it all

The turmoil of my life has absorbed me,
while the winds are still gelid
and the peach bloom is shining surreal in the lurid April light.
It emerged when the curtain of heavy clouds opened
for a glimpse of a moment.

Letters have been written with ink and tears.
Birds have spoken when the first rain after months appeared.
Too harsh is the world to me in many ways,
but in the blink of an eye all sorrows are drowning
between the white petals in the air in front of my window.
Just for a little moment.
Just for now.

This year I have felt it all,
and you have been my only witness.