*pigeons and their everyday life

Not many people seem to like pigeons, so I dedicated them a whole illustration series to show them the love they deserve! It was so much fun to create those little themes around them and I probably will paint some more in the future! Have a nice day!


*at night in the garden

Oh, it's been so long that I have shown you pictures from my wild cam! I'm still loving to see what is going on in our garden at night! We are having more rabbits again and the martens are actually living in our roof and are keeping us awake at night, they are really loud and even in broad daylight when I work in the greenhouse, their babies are making the weirdest noises! Hope you are enjoying those pictures as much as I do! Have a nice day!


*nature's awakening

It's been a while...
How are you doing? In the meanwhile I covered the greenhouse and planted some first salads and onions and started some seeds indoors as well. We had super stormy days again, it makes it tricky to work outside. My Forget-me-nots are blooming, they always look so bright and pretty! Nights are still frosty, but in the daytime it's sometimes really summery. A mix between everything except rain, which we would really need desperately. A week ago I started with a new illustration series of different pigeons and their everyday life. It's such a fun project that I will surely show here, when it's finished. A lot has changed since that analogue picture series. Greens and blues have replaced the browns and greys and tiny leaves are popping out of the previously naked trees and the scents of fresh blossoms are in the air again. Nature's awakening feels truly like a rebirth.  Have a nice day + take care!