June 30, 2021

*Mr. Fairy Pigeon

Mr. Fairy Pigeon collects rainwater for his tea
and picking flowers for his home is one of his favorite things to do.
Someone said he is quite round,
but like a bumble bee, he is magically able to fly.

June 29, 2021

*a dead bird, summer solstice, day moons and stories of hailstones

It's a bit chaotic right now,
we had a little summer vacation,
but the heat wave made it hard to handle
and then an extreme hail storm moved across our region
with hailstones in the size of tennis balls (I haven't seen anything like that before)
and it left a trail of destruction.
The water was pushed inside our windows,
trees and branches broke off, the veggie garden got destroyed,
the roof, the cars... - it was a big shock for us!
Luckily no one was harmed and my greenhouse was spared wondrously!
I hope your June is going more smoothly
and you are enjoying summer!

My sister made this picture to document the size of the hailstones.

June 16, 2021

*Hello June

{Music: Brilliant Mycelium by Beautiful Chorus}

June finally brought warmth! It's a pleasure for body and soul after all those cold months. Nature is celebrating a feast and I am grateful to be part of it. Entering a forest or meadow feels like entering a holy place to me and I instantly know that all is ok and has always been.

June 13, 2021

*art graf

Some time ago I discovered Art Graf, it's a water-soluble graphite and I was eager to try it out, so I finally got myself a little tin and tested it. It really exceeded all my expectations. It is very easy to take up with the brush and is extremely rich on pigments and creates this appealing softness. I simply love it! I was inspired to paint a lot of owls, they seemed perfect for the effect Art Graf creates. Hope you enjoy them and if you are into painting you should definitely try it out too!

June 11, 2021

*beneath the blooming apple tree

Things that made me happy:

• reading a letter under the blooming apple tree
• observing a swallowtail
• dewdrops in the morning light
• going swimming for the first time this year
• drawing into my sketchbook
• drying rose petals and elderflowers for tea
• eating wild strawberries
• summer rain on my skin
• exploring new places

June 08, 2021

*spring moments

How have your first days of June been? 
R. and I made a little trip to the wood quarter and stayed over night in the forest. It was the first time that the weather was really warm and the evening light was so soft and the woods were full of little white butterflies. And the night was so silent, no car noises, not even the animals made a sound. It was perfect and felt very rewarding after all the work we had done the last weeks.
When we were home again, we worked further to create new garden beds and cared for all the trees. We have to regularly remove the wildlife protection grids and fill the mice holes with soil as they create damage to the roots otherwise. Since it is warmer, everything finally starts to grow so fast! Today I will collect some elderflowers to dry. Right now I'm making some fresh peppermint tea from the garden to start the day. Wishing you a good time!

June 02, 2021

*Garden in May

The new garden season has officially started! 
I worked A LOT in the garden recently and I thought it would be nice to share some pictures of the development of our plants with you again regularly. My cactus surprised me with the most beautiful blossoms and my two favorite aquilegia sorts are also blooming right now. One of the benefits of the very cold May was for sure that the flowers did not wither so quickly, we could enjoy them much longer than usual! Also I have less trouble with greenflies right now and watering is not such a struggle.
Have a good start into June + until soon again!