October 31, 2023

*autumnal paintings

Three more autumnal watercolor paintings that I made in October.
Unfortunately we were not able to go mushrooming so far (except for medicinal polypores), because of the very dry conditions, so I had to return to painting them instead. My little hedgehog had more luck as you can see! :)

By the way, I don't know why blogger is making my pictures unsharp, I tried uploading all different sizes, it comes out always the same, but you can always klick on the images to see them bigger & sharper.

October 29, 2023

*Between the worlds

Allured by the mist,
roaming between the worlds,
sustained by the glow of dew pearls.

October 26, 2023

*Pumpkin mouse

This is the little pumpkin mouse painting I told you about earlier here on my blog. I like how the colors turned out, they really depict our mild & sunny autumn.

October 24, 2023

*A gentle & warm start into fall

{Music: Wonder – Nostalgic & Romantic Vintage Piano}

And here is also a little movie of my start into autumn.

October 23, 2023

*Embraced by the warm light in the oak forest

This was at the end of September when I was taking some of my ceramics with me into a near oak forest to take some pictures of them and to read a little in the warm autumn light. A book that was gifted to me by my dear friend Triin. It is called "The sound of a wild snail eating" written by Elisabeth Tova Bailey and it reminds me so much of my own life experiences and my interest in those gentle creatures that are sadly underappreciated by the masses of people.

October 21, 2023

*flowers, light & a little morning story

On Tuesday evening I planned that on the next day I will drive with the bike to the top of the hill in the early morning hours to experience the sunrise and to my luck the sky was not covered. It had the first minus degrees and a light layer of frost was resting on the world while she slowly awakened. It is hard to express the feelings that I had when I stood there in silence on that hill while the sky turned pink and a huge flock of starlings was passing by on the sky like a shoal of fish in the vast ocean.
I decided to drive further to a lonely stone quarry area (which is usually full of wild flowers and wildlife) to have my morning tea there. To my great joy everything was shining golden in those first sunbeams. I don't know what it is with me and frost, but it always feels as if my soul founds something in those moments that it has lost long ago. To be surrounded by all the silver and gold glitter in this frozen silence. Seemingly rigidly, but inside full of life and warmth.

Hopefully your heart it filled with the beauty of this earth as well!
Much love!

October 17, 2023

*on the ferry back home

For our return journey we took the longer ferry early in the morning, it was a bit misty and I absolutely loved the atmosphere. It was making me longing for living on an remote island in the north at the seaside where it is gloomy and the sea wild and forsaken. So far I have never visited the ocean in winter, but more and more the wish in me grows to do so. 
On the ferry we met the sweetest dog who was very interested in getting some tender loving care from us. He was really special in many ways.
Have you ever experienced a winter sea?

October 16, 2023

*Island Korčula in moving pictures

{Music: Meant to be  - Acoustic Folk Guitar Background Music + Look up – Relaxing Soothing Cinematic Music + Eventide – Nostalgic Acoustic Guitar Background Music}

Before I close the chapter "Korčula island" soon, here is a little movie that I made.

I know I'm repeating myself, but we had the most unusual warm autumn so far, only yesterday it started to cool down more and we had almost zero degrees in the night, but it seems it will get quickly warmer again and maybe finally we get some welcome rain. Fingers crossed! Since the beginning of August we had only about 5mm rain in total, it's nothing, so we spent the whole weekend watering our hedge and all the trees to help them getting through winter. 
Today I want to collect some more seeds to store for the coming year and deep clean the house. And soon I also have some watercolor paintings to share again. Have a good start into the new week!

October 15, 2023

*Maritime Siena bag

More close-ups of the bag that I made. I used the same pattern by "Paula strickt" like two years ago {you can find it here in an older post}, only I changed the colors to fit a marine style and I made a fastening, but instead of a button I used a little driftwood piece that I sewed on when we were on our return drive from Korčula. It really makes a nice detail!

October 14, 2023

*Island Korčula | part 3

Short before we travelled to Korčula I started to crochet a bag with raffia yarn. It seems as soon as summer ends I feel inspired to do some needlework, maybe it is the same with you? I was able to finish it on the island and it will surely remind me always of this wonderful journey.
Usually I don't like cars on my photography, but this one was really a nice one and I also loved the color!

October 13, 2023

*Island Korčula | part 2

I'm always so inspired by all the the beautiful colors, shapes and textures of the stones and plants at the seaside, I could stroll endlessly on the beach, just to look closely at all the nature findings out there. I also had a cheap disposable underwater camera with me that was sitting in my shelf for years and I'm really always impressed by the nice outcome of those pictures. Korčula is a very green island compared to other Croatian islands, it is full of wild forests with pine trees, cypresses, but also almond trees, pomegranate trees and fig trees. Every day I was having fresh figs from wild trees around the camp site. If you visit my blog for a longer while then you probably already know how much I love figs, so it was very special to me!

October 07, 2023

*Island Korčula | part 1

Ok, it took a while until I got back my analogue pictures that I have made on our vacation on the Croatian island Korčula, but finally they are here! It feels already such a long time ago, even if it just was a month ago. But part in me can still feel the warmth captured in the rocks and the salt on my skin and I hear the waves in my heart.
We had such excellent weather that we were able to swim a lot throughout the day and even once we had a night swim under an unforgettable star-spattered sky, even though I have to admit that it feels a little scary to swim in the ocean, when it is so dark. But it is definitely something that will keep in my memory for a lifetime.

October 05, 2023

*snail love

Last weekend has been wonderful. We have escaped once again into the woods. To hear the the tops of the fir trees touching each other in the wind all night long has a really positive effect on me and we had an excellent view on the full moon. It was so big and red, but I had not the right lens with me to capture it good enough. But still I made some pictures and also filmed it. I also found some birch polypore. (More about that later)
At home again lot's of work was waiting for me and I cleared out the greenhouse and started to paint again after not touching my brushes since May. It felt weird and good at the same time – luckily hands do not forget. After I harvested my beloved pumpkins I felt inspired to paint a mouse with her own pumpkin harvest. 
Have you ever seen snails while making love? It is the most tender spectacle I have ever seen. They "kiss" each other for hours and hours in the most adorable way!