June 19, 2020

*simple things

Simple things that made me happy in the last month.

June 16, 2020

June 14, 2020

*rose chafer

June was a very challenging month for me so far. It shook me heavily in nearly every area of my life. I'm looking forward to the silence after the storm. But in the hard times we seem to become aware the most where we really want to head in our lives.
But there have been also good moments, for example I found an alley with small leaved linden trees of at least 200 years that filled me with such great awe, that tears where running down my face. I felt instantly such a sublime energy that I just wanted to merge my whole being with one of those trees, to just step inside and never come out again.
Have you known that small leaved linden can become over 1000 years old and that they give protection from lightening stroke and evil spirits? I will surely visit that place every now and then if it's possible.

June 08, 2020


"Imaginary friend"
"Magic box"
"Super power"
"Secret place"
"Miracle shop"
"Forest treasures"
In the beginning of May I joined a drawing challenge called "Kidstricksweek". I did neither manage to finish all illustrations in time nor to do all prompts (one is missing), but nevertheless I really loved to challenge myself and create something nice and unique! Hope I could take you a step further into my world of imagination!

June 05, 2020