March 31, 2022

*March swans & Ceramic adventures

{Music: Lucie, Too – Acoustic Guitar Folk}

Before March is over, I want to show you this little movie of moments that I collected in the beginning of the month. I'm sick since a while now, so I was not able to film further, but let's hope I can do so in April again. My heart is heavy too, I will not open up about it here, but the person who is reading it, will know. The hardest part about friendship is when you are very open, but the other person is still not able to "see" you. It's not my task anymore. I guess there is a lot we just have to accept in this life and find a way to not go down.

March 24, 2022


When visiting the bisons with my sister...

March 21, 2022

*tiny houses

I had a lot of fun creating those tiny clay houses. The driftwood I have found on a walk with my sister when she was here for a visit last month. I think it is the perfect base for this ceramic village!

March 20, 2022

*La Petite Alice

One day before Christmas I took part in a wonderful giveaway by "La Petite Alice", a little label that produces beautiful sustainable timeless linen items. I ordered from them in the past, so I knew already about the high quality of their handmade clothes. I was over the moon when they contacted me and informed me that I had won and after careful consideration I decided to go for a purple dress and a pastel pink table cloth. Of course I had nothing better to do than to let the cloth fly in the wind and the dress became one of my most worn in the last months. For all who are searching for high-quality linen products, I can only recommend visiting their webshop

March 19, 2022

*little bowls

Those bowls are also still from my first firing. They were mainly for trying out different glazes, but I think they look nice together and I really enjoy the pinch method, to simply feel the clay in my hands and from them into pieces that do not have to look perfect, but charming in a way.

March 16, 2022


Planting Positivity

Vase full of love

Folk Art Flowers

Portrait with Flowers

As I told you earlier, I joined the drawing challenge #bloomingmarchweek at the beginning of this month. I was really happy when hearing about this challenge, because it helped me to keep a positive focus and distract my mind of all that is going on in this world. I really like doing series of paintings, picking a certain color palette so that they all match with each other.
Today in the morning I was finally able to open the kiln to see my first high firing ceramics! What an exciting moment! As I had no experience with this at all and never made any classes, I was worried a bit, but it all turned out wonderfully and I can't wait to make pictures of all the pieces!

March 15, 2022

*this & that

The days are running by so fast. Half of March is already over again! A couple of wood pigeons has started to build a nest directly in the spruce in front of the bedroom window and now I can hear their cheerful cooing every morning. We are waiting eagerly for rain, it is extremely dry and so the spring flowers have a hard time to grow and the air is full of sand. I found a big mistletoe on one of our forest walks that had been fallen on the ground, maybe during wood work. I could not resist taking it home and now it is hanging in my work room. It's so pretty! Further I finished the drawing challenge I was mentioning earlier this month. I will soon show the finished paintings here! The last glaze firing of my ceramics came out wonderfully and I made already lots of photos to be able to show them here as well! I hope spring will come soon for us all and that you take good care of yourself! See you soon again here!

March 10, 2022

*a little story of birds

As soon as I had my hands on clay two months ago, I had the idea of making little bird plates for holding jewelry or other little things. Birds accompany my whole life already and I have a deep love for them and the freedom they represent! Not only the word „bird“ is part of my family name, one of my first pets was a bird (budgie), further I raised a duck in my childhood which was one of the most beautiful experiences I ever had, I found her left-behind in nature and she kept following me as she thought I was her mum. She slept in my bed, she went swimming with me and I even helped her learning to fly. When she was big enough I went back to the place I had found her to enable her a more natural life with other ducks, but I won’t forget those months with her. I had rescued a pigeon once that had an injured wing. After she was healed, she came back to visit me regularly for many years. As you all know by now, I love to observe flocks of birds, they never cease to fill my heart with joy when I see them and I rescued several birds that had fallen out of nests and fed them every hour and not all of them survived and I remember sitting in the middle of the night on the floor, the dead bird in my hands after sleepless nights and crying my heart out. Birds are a big part of my life. So I come back again and again to paint them and include them somehow in my artwork. Most of the clay birds have been already flown to their new homes and it made me so happy to see them appreciated!

March 07, 2022

*nature & Birthday things

Here are the last frost pictures, I promise! But I really like to look back to that moments. It was so silent and peaceful and I truly love the subtle nature shades in this photo series very much. Yesterday I celebrated my 41. Birthday. We stood up early to make a long walk near the Kamp river. It was even longer than expected, because we got lost and we didn't have a phone with us to see where we are. It was cold and snowing gently and we spotted two beautiful swans and many other birds. Back home we had lunch and some cake and I opened the kiln to see how my new ceramic pieces came out. Today I was glazing most of the day and I already can't wait to see the finished pieces in some days!

March 05, 2022

*rainy plates

Three little ceramic plates that I made.
Two of them I sent to my dear sister who loves
raindrops and clouds just as much as I do!

March 04, 2022

March 03, 2022

*the simple things

I guess the recent war events in Ukraine have shocked us all and left us overwhelmed and full of worries. Ronald and I had our 15 year anniversary and we celebrated in a calm way. We made a long walk in the riparian zone of the Danube to collect some wild garlic and observe the wildlife.  I also started a new drawing challenge to distract my mind and crafted little paperboard boxed for some of my ceramic items that I will send out to friends. I hope you are able to enjoy the simple things in life and remain full of hope!