Pictures of the beginning of April
before spring decided to hibernate some more :)


*forest green

We found a real oasis in the middle of the forest.



All beginnings are difficult.

It has started quite good, but then weather turned really crazy,
it got really cold and I was not able to sow anything in the outside garden beds so far
and also my plants that I prepared inside obviously suffer. We had a terrible snow storm and they predicted huge harvest losses throughout Austria. That's really not the best news.
I'm still heating both stoves non-stop. The pictures where taken before the snow came.
Now I really hope spring comes back soon again, enough of freezing this year!
How have you been doing lately?


*turning winds

Weekend at the lake.


*birthday tooth

Pictures from my birthday.
I found a part of an animal skull and took one of it's tooth with me.
It's quite big and I tried to find out from which animal it is, but did not manage to find out yet.
Meanwhile early flowering trees started to bloom and I saw a second hoopoo when I made a little bike trip! They look so tropical and surreal in our landscape.