April 23, 2024

*winter roses

Forecasts were right, it's snowing!

The winter roses started to bloom in early January this year and still did not stop. I wanted to prick my tiny tomato seedlings today in the greenhouse, but I think I will skip this due to the weather situation. I better make some more tea now and keep the kitchen fire going :)

April 21, 2024

*Starting the garden year

{Music: Andromeda – Jacopo Croci}

A new garden year has finally started –
I have missed having my hands in the soil!

April 18, 2024

*heralds of spring

The typical April weather has arrived.
After the short warm period, we had some rain.
Sun and clouds are alternating and we have frost again.
Even snow is predicted.
A mix of everything.

I started reading "The ten thousand doors" by Alix E. Harrow and so far I really enjoy it. My favorite morning drink is tumeric tea at the moment, maybe because it has a stimulating effect to the blood flow and is warming the body from inside. Ever since I was so sick in winter I have issues with blood circulation and I lost half of my hair. I never had so little hair in my whole life, but since some days I feel the hair loss goes back a bit and I'm hopeful that they will start to grow back in summer. It was just a too big strain for the body. But the body is really a miracle! It always thrives towards balance again.

Further I started reading & working with the book "The artists way" by Julian Cameron. I was still a teenager when I first read it and I only remember the "morning pages" and I think I did not finish all exercises, so I thought I start with it again. I'm sure most of you know this book already. If so, what have been your experiences with it, did it help you in any way?

April 12, 2024

*the endless joy of a flower garden

April is all about the garden so far.
I started seeds, prepared the garden beds, welcomed the first Roman snails and pruned the berries. We had the first 28 degrees and the apple trees are already in full bloom and even the lilacs are blooming already, they usually open their first flowers in May here. It seems all is blooming at once this year and not gradually as usual. Every year is so different and all we can do is to observe and trying to adapt to it.
I'm looking forward to try some new flowers this year, I have seeds of a light pink summer aster and a few new dahlia bulbs and I want to grow straw flowers again. Marie sent me some seeds of her pink filled hollyhocks last year and I hope I get the first seedlings through the year, so they will eventually bloom next year! Yes, patience is indicated!
Do you have special garden plans for this year?

April 10, 2024

*March moments & Easter preparations

{Music: The Heart Harmonicon – Colleen}

Just some little moments, collected in the month of March.