*Butterflies & heather

Not feeling very talkative, just sharing some butterfly and heather pictures with you!


*Siena bag

Some time ago I finished a new crochet project, I made this bag out of raffia yarn and I really like how it turned out! The pattern is created by Paula Müller and it's available in her Etsy store: "Paulastrickt" in case you feel inspired to make one too!
When making the pictures this little grasshopper joined me, he seemed to really like my new bag :)


*pink fields

Early autumn memories
of pink fields and a breathtaking sunrise.


*dogs & roses

Dogs & roses.


*happy list

A new "happy list":

• watching the most amazing sunrise 
• little yellow leaves in the air
• making my own vinegar of apples from the garden
+ making kimchi in my new handmade fermentation crock
• starting to finally paint again
• painting my desk
• planting a plum tree


*rose tea

Something that I haven't showed here yet.
It's all about rose tea!


*A flowery doily

{Music: I Got You, Honey – Ocie Elliott}

And for those who enjoy moving pictures, 
a little movie of the making of the doily
and some flowers from the garden.


*crochet doily

It has been a long time since I last made a doily. The pattern is from a 27 years old magazine, so I think it's ok to share it here, if you want to make one for yourself or as a gift. Mine is already on the way to Poland, to a dear friend. The cosmea flowers are still blooming beautifully. These are the sorts I have in the garden at the moment. Have a lovely day + until soon again!


*zen things

Zen things

1. Do one thing at a time
2. Do it slowly and deliberately
3. Do it completely
4. Do less
5. Put space between things
6. Develop rituals
7. Designate time for certain things
8. Devote time for sitting
9. Smile and serve others
10. Make cleaning and cooking become meditation
11. Think about what is necessary
12. Live simple


*Golden dust & heather

{Music: Clara y Diego – Ivan Palomares}

One of the most beautiful seasons has just started and
I am so grateful to be able to make steps out into nature again
and share some of those moments with you!