*A Birthday & first signs of spring

{Music: Neoclassical Piano Improvisation – Joe Kirby}

A little video I made of the time around my Birthday and when we had our first spring walk near the river and visited my beloved old linden tree avenue and recently we found this spot hidden in the middle of the forest that was full of spring snowflakes! It was a real blessing for the senses!


*tree mushroom

How must it feel to be a mushroom growing on a tree?
How must it feel to be so close and still a separate being?


*winter walks

It is not easy to get used to walks without Sunny.
I imagine him running by our side,
full of joy and curiosity.


*cold winds & moody skies

Not feeling very communicative lately, but I wrote in my journal and replied to overdue letters. I also got a film back from the film laboratory and I reorganized my workroom to have some change. The wind still feels cold here, but weather should get milder in the coming week.


*and time moves on

Two days ago we celebrated my Birthday, well I have not really been in the mood to celebrate anything, but I prepared a cake the day before and we visited my beloved linden alley, even though the weather was really grey, windy and cold. It was a short endeavor in the end, but there were some sweet chickens running around in the park which captured my attention. It was really nice to observe them! 
The pictures are from January still, there is the last analogue picture that I made of Sunny.
Today I wrapped up warmly and cleaned the walls of the greenhouse and started to prepare the garden beds until my ass froze off. I had enough of waiting for better days. I hope we get some rain in the coming days, the garden is already very dry and we can not turn on the garden fountain yet. Please keep your fingers crossed!


*about books & the right amount of space

First of all,
March is here!

Winter roses from our garden are decorating my working table and I'm drinking some peppermint tea as I am writing here. If you are in search for a good book, I can recommend you "Piranesi" by Susanna Clarke. I finished it on the last day of December and it was a fabulous read! I had a break from reading novels after I finished the last part of Christelle Dabos's "The Mirror Visitor" and was delving into nonfiction again, but yesterday I finally started "The Blue Fox" by Sjón and I'm holding myself back to read it in one go, I really love the way it is written and how the author plays with space, it looks almost like a book of poems. Thinking of space, I was never too afraid of white spaces in my art, the opposite is the case, I like to play with it rather than trying to fill the page until no space is left. For me the right amount of white space is making a painting extra appealing! I hope March will bring you lots of sunshine, joy and spring flowers!



{Music: Tides of Change – Joe Kirby}

Some little February moments on the last day of the month.


*a winter moon & paper stars

I still haven't removed my paper stars from the windows, but recently burned the last twigs of the Christmas tree in our stove. February is coming to an end, I mostly painted my way through it and try to find back into some sort of life balance.


*first paintings of the year

I'm happy to be able to share my first watercolor paintings of this new year with you! Some days ago I spotted the first liver leaf in the forest and yesterday the weather was really springlike. The first sun always makes me really sleepy, my body needs some time to adapt after the dark period. I'm playing a lot with pencils at the moment, but don't quite know how to integrate them into my illustration work, but maybe I just don't do it and just have fun with playing in my sketchbook or I transform the sketches into watercolor paintings later. Even though there are so many different colored pencil shades available nowadays, I'm never really fully happy with the colors. With watercolors it's so easy to create all different shades to create the atmosphere I'm longing for. Have a nice day + see you soon again!


*in the ice meadow | part 2

Untouched meadows where all the wild grasses and flowers are allowed to grow are one of my favorite places to be, not only in summer. There seems to be this natural balance in amount of different sorts of plants that are showing up either in groups like islands in the sea or individually spread all over the area. It may appear wild and random, but if you take your time to observe with all senses, there is a great order feelable, much more than in a manmade field. In the past I used to cut down withered flowers, grasses and other plants like people usually do at the end of the season in our garden, but more and more I'm stepping away from this behavior. I know that many people enjoy a tidy garden, but is it natural to actually do this, is it helpful for nature? Since I do not remove the "garden waste" of many plants and flowers anymore, I noticed how the soil stays healthier over winter and the birds are still collecting seeds from the withered flowers and enjoy them. The applied mulch stays on better, because the wind is not able to remove it so easily anymore and the fallen leaves that usually get blown over those places, stick to those plants and create a natural mulch blanket as well that keeps the soil moister and more alive. I'm sure I'm discovering more good reasons to go further into this direction, but for now I already feel quite content with it. Temperatures are getting milder now here as well, but it is also more stormy again.