*playing with art graf again

Every now and then I am painting with "art graf", which is water-soluble graphite. It is even harder to tame than watercolor, but creates this charming softness and sometimes it's really nice to paint without having to think of color choices. I really like the personality of the last owl. He looks so much like he is totally happy with who he is, expressing his own individuality. We should all appreciate much more how unique we all are!


*stormy days & sleeping pigeons

Happy 2. Advent!
We had such heavy storms yesterday and the whole night it was so noisy and it is still stormy outside. We visited a Christmas market, but the weather was unbearable to be outside for a longer time and there were so many people, far more than expected, that it was hard to see anything! I guess I am cured for a period of time now again from such social events. Maybe we will find something more calm next time. But still it was nice to see how people enjoyed it to be able to make things like that again and all the lights that they put everywhere and my personal highlight was the flock of pigeons that was sleeping in the window sills of the clocktower of the church. They looked so peaceful above this crazy crowd of people.


*frosty leaves

December is here and I can't believe that this year is coming to an end already. I will not share a tear over it as it was very challenging. At the moment I'm busy with painting for the advent_challange2022, right now I am sitting over the third prompt. There are only 5 prompts this year which makes it fortunately more manageable to me. When I have finished them all, I will share them here. And some of the new ceramic pieces that I have finished. Until then, take good care of yourself!


*like stars in the meadow

Almost all the flowers are withered by now, only some strong ones are still shining like little stars in the meadows. Yesterday I worked all day on a gift for my mother's Birthday and finished it in the late evening. I hope she will like it! Maybe I will show some pictures of it next week. 
I'm secretly waiting for some more snow or frost, but temperatures are always just a bit above zero degrees. My thyme plant is doing so well still, so I cut some more and dried it for winter. I'm also still harvesting mint which I had not expected to be able at the end of November. I feel a bit chaotic in my head right now as if I need to write down a list of all the things I have to keep up with and should not forget. Maybe I will make such list right away with all the tasks that need to be done. See you in December! :)


*between the shiny grasses

Just some analogue pictures from when we had those golden October days when I was collecting walnuts and taking some time to read between the shiny grasses. 


*Fleeting fall memories

{Music: Quiet Resource – Evelyn Stein}

Oh, I forgot to post this little movie here. It contains just some more fall moments that I gathered here and there, of the first frost, breathtaking sunrises and moments in the forest. Nature feels more and more ready for her well-deserved winter sleep. The next movie will be a wintery then :)

How was your first Advent weekend? To be honest I was not even aware for almost the whole weekend that it was the first Advent already! We made a long forest walk where I collected some spruce branches and I thought I will have a full week time to make the advent wreath, but when I noticed that it was already the first Advent I decided to make one straightaway and I am really happy how it turned out. It's always so nice to see with how little expenses you can make really beautiful things! I used walnuts and snail shells to decorate it. (Pictures will follow) 


*let's bloom book project

Everything in me said YES when Marina from @serendipity.create asked me last spring to be part of her coffee table book project. The idea was to let 50 different artists paint their unique version of anemone flowers and give them also a bit of space to answer some questions and share their websites. It was the very last painting I made before I got so sick again and it feels so nice to finally see the finished book just when I started to get back to more regularly painting again. The book turned out even nicer than expected with it's beautiful cloth binding and it gives the opportunity to get to know so many artists at once. It's really a wonderful adding in my book shelf. If you are interested in getting your own copy or get it as a gift, please visit Marinas little webshop! Have a nice weekend + see you soon again!


*warm light & cold wind

This week went by so quickly, I don't have a lot to tell, I worked a lot and when we had no electricity for five hours, I finally took my time to write a letter and also I prepared some surprise packages for dear ones which I loved doing! I also received some really nice mail and the book that we chose to read in the book club. It is called "Der Winter des Bären" ("The winter of the bear") and has such a beautiful cover. If the story is half as nice as the cover, it will be an awesome read! Can you believe that Christmas is already in a month? Are you in Christmas mood yet? Every now and then I step into it, especially when we had the first snow and when I see all the wintery illustrations and photos from fellow artist.


*all the leaves are brown | part 2

I spotted this weathercock on a roof on one of our walks and I find it so charming! I don't see weathercocks very often anymore, but they call up good feelings in me of a rural and idyllic world. Similar to winter chimneys with smoke or freshly baked cookies! I'm pretty bad in baking during the year, but as soon as it starts to snow my fingers are itching to bake something. Maybe I will try something new, I got myself a book some time ago with lots of receipts with more natural ingredients that I want to try out. By the way, the snow stayed over night and we could make another really nice long walk in the winter landscape. I got something in the mail that I want to show you soon! Something exciting! So stay tuned :)


*all the leaves are brown | part 1

I hope you are having a good weekend so far, I have finally my digital camera back after five weeks of waiting and I'm really happy to be able to film again and make pictures of my ceramics. It was actually the perfect timing as it started to snow yesterday in the evening and today all was white outside in the morning and we made a long walk in the forest and all the brightness was a really nice contrast to the last foggy and dark days. The air felt so refreshing and everything tastes better after such a nature walk, don't you think? I still have many autumnal pictures to share and some film material that I have not shown yet, and I also used my phone for filming at some point as this time of the year is just my favorite when it comes to filming and photographing. But my phone is unfortunately also dying now, it is not the best year when it comes to technical things for me! Anyway! I hope that you are doing good and I wish everyone who is struggling right now a lot of strength!