February 19, 2024


The beauty of ice.

February 17, 2024

*holding the pieces together

A lot of burdening things are happening lately. It's an emotional very demanding time.
It decreases my joy to blog, because it feels senseless somehow. To distract my mind a bit I started to do jigsaw puzzles again. I loved to do them as a child with my family and also alone.
I just came back from a nature walk, we did not have any snow in February and I also don't think that we will get any this month still. But we had a little frost every now and then and misty days like in autumn, but today the sun was out for a moment and the mood of the clouds was stunning. It really felt like walking in a painting of the great masters of art.

February 08, 2024

*ceramic dish set

This dish set had to wait the longest for being finished, I started them back in summer when the Roman fennel was in full bloom. It's such a nice thought to have tea in one the cups that comes from the same fennel plant like I made the imprints with.

February 06, 2024

*Winter ceramics & icy forest streams

{Music: Visitors – Praam + Maisie Lee · Blue Dot Sessions}

Due to the circumstances I set up the Christmas tree in the new year, but I did not want to skip it, because I had made those little clay birds for it and I was curious how they will look on the tree.
In January we visited a few times a frozen forest stream. I loved the ice formations on the surface and the sounds of the water. So refreshing and relaxing at once! Hope you enjoy it too!

February 05, 2024

*frozen roses

Still struggling so much with neuralgia, it makes it hardly possible to do anything and with the strong storms that we are heaving, I can not go outside, the cold wind triggers the nerves even more. I wish I could just be out in nature. But instead I go through some of my winter pictures and leave you some more of them here. One of my favorite ones is the one with the frozen roses. Aren't they amazing to bloom like this in winter? 

February 01, 2024

*a world of great suffering & beauty

The end of January felt heavy, we found one of the roes (that is living near our home) dead directly in front of our garden. It's sight made me cry so much. When I had a closer look I saw that one of its hind legs had an open fracture. We contacted the huntsman to collect its corpse. He said it got for sure hit by a car and that it's sad that so many people do not report it when it happens. The roe had to perish miserably without the hope of quick release. This thought is tormenting me.
Afterwards in the evening I plied Ronald to cut my hair, about 18 cm are off and every time it fascinates me how unburdening it feels! As if a huge burden falls off instantly. I really needed that!
And now, let's welcome February with posting some pictures of my last film that I picked up yesterday. I was very curious about the outcome, because it's full of winter pictures and I think it's not disappointing at all!

January 28, 2024

*ceramics | birds & hedgehogs

According to Feng Shui teachings you should always place decoration in your home that comes in pairs to nurture a happy relationship and I can feel the truth in it when looking at my bird and hedgehog couples. What do you think?

January 25, 2024

*ceramics | light birds

A new flock of light birds.

January 23, 2024


Better late than never, I finished the last painting of the #merrymakers drawing challenge! I added it to the other paintings in my old blogpost {klick here, if you want to have a look}. Even if it took me so long, it feels good to have completed it! 
We had ice rain yesterday and everything is very slippery right now and the branches of the trees full of little frozen water drops that are glinting in the sun.

January 20, 2024

*ceramics | cup, bowl & vase

I really love to work with clay that contains bigger fireclay parts. The roughness is so pleasing to the eyes, it gives such a natural feel to the pieces and I like how it absorbs the glaze differently.