*beneath the blooming apple tree

Things that made me happy:

• reading a letter under the blooming apple tree
• observing a dovetail
• dewdrops in the morning light
• going swimming for the first time this year
• drawing into my sketchbook
• drying rose petals and elderflowers for tea
• eating wild strawberries
• summer rain on my skin
• exploring new places


*spring moments

How have your first days of June been? 
R. and I made a little trip to the wood quarter and stayed over night in the forest. It was the first time that the weather was really warm and the evening light was so soft and the woods were full of little white butterflies. And the night was so silent, no car noises, not even the animals made a sound. It was perfect and felt very rewarding after all the work we had done the last weeks.
When we were home again, we worked further to create new garden beds and cared for all the trees. We have to regularly remove the wildlife protection grids and fill the mice holes with soil as they create damage to the roots otherwise. Since it is warmer, everything finally starts to grow so fast! Today I will collect some elderflowers to dry. Right now I'm making some fresh peppermint tea from the garden to start the day. Wishing you a good time!


*Garden in May

The new garden season has officially started! 
I worked A LOT in the garden recently and I thought it would be nice to share some pictures of the development of our plants with you again regularly. My cactus surprised me with the most beautiful blossoms and my two favorite aquilegia sorts are also blooming right now. One of the benefits of the very cold May was for sure that the flowers did not wither so quickly, we could enjoy them much longer than usual! Also I have less trouble with greenflies right now and watering is not such a struggle.
For more pictures you can always have a look at the garden album from Lotte and me. Lotte is very busy with her children, work and renovation of her home right now, but I hope she will be able to share pictures of her garden again at some point.
Have a good start into June + until soon again!


*May movie

{Music: Sunday Stroll – Benny Treskow}

May is one of my very favorite months and a part in me wants that it never ends. It usually gives me lots of energy, motivation and good feelings. I hope you also collected many little joyful moments over the month and are enjoying the ones I collected for you.


*still waiting for spring

This May has been so cold so far. It seems like an endless waiting for warmth this year. But we planted new trees in the garden and made a nice little trip to the wood quarter on Sunday where the forests were blue from all the forget-me-nots that were blooming. So beautiful! 
I don't have a lot to tell actually, the days are going by so quickly. I paint, read and dream a lot.
How has your May been so far?


*enchanted places

My very favorite nature moments in April.


*Aww magazine

Last year I got asked by Aww magazine if I would like to be part of their 4th issue called "Time Capsule" where illustrators all around the world are invited to share their stories about how they cope with lockdown and talk about the people they need. I was very happy to be able to share my story and artwork next to all those wonderful artists! Because of shipping issues it took many month until I was able to hold the magazine in my hands.

I will share my little story with you here:

I was thirteen years old when my sister Jana was born. A big age difference for siblings. I held her in my arms and at times it felt more like she was my child than my sister, but as the years went by, the age difference seemed to disappear more and more and our relationship grew into a deep friendship. Being with her feels safe. We are able to complete each others sentences when finding no words. In a world full of rush and pressure we are creating our own freedom from within and step into a world of amazement, experiments and little adventures. There is no need for harsh words or tight robes in a world full of wildflowers, singing tree sponges and pheasant visits. At least in our opinion. And that’s why she is one of my people I need.



{Music: Home – Matteo De Grandis}

A little movie with moments I collected throughout April.


*pigeons with bunny ears

Another little series with my pigeons with bunny ears.
They are enjoying the warmer days while I am sitting here drinking hot tea
and waiting for the fire in the stove to give off some warmth.
The plum trees started to bloom beautifully, I can see them from my work room
and the first tulips opened their blossoms - such vibrant colors!
I wish you a good start into the day and hope you are enjoying those last days of April!


*forest trees

No spring for us here still,
instead cold winds and minus degrees in the nights.
But I am working on a very exciting project
which consumed nearly all hours of my days.
I can not tell what it is yet, but hopefully soon!
So I'm living quite in a bubble at the moment,
working, working, working.
I'm leaving you here with two pictures
of precious moments in the forest.
Until soon again!