Time for some artwork again.


*the simple joys of summer | part 3

Walks through the golden fields, cornflowers
and trustful stag beetles.


*the simple joys of summer | part 2

This summer is full of wild chamomile.


*the simple joys of summer | part 1

Blue skies, homemade food, bike rides between green fields, a peaceful mind – what more can you demand?


*the key

In memory of Josefine and her beloved roses.


*frog with wild strawberries

One happy wild-strawberry-eating frog + pattern.


*Giant poppy

Behind my greenhouse I have a big oriental poppy plant since some years now, that I never have planted or sowed there. The seeds must have come with the wind or birds or howsoever, but it made me really happy, because I love all kinds of poppy and those giant flowers shine in the most vibrant red tones –  they are irresistible and deserved a little photo shooting. Sunny was also with me of course, he loves to smell flowers. Sometimes when I take him with me in the garden, I let him smell all the flowers individually. It seems to relax him a lot and is so cute to look at!


*snails & sunflowers

More snails... ;)