November 30, 2022

*like stars in the meadow

Almost all the flowers are withered by now, only some strong ones are still shining like little stars in the meadows. Yesterday I worked all day on a gift for my mother's Birthday and finished it in the late evening. I hope she will like it! Maybe I will show some pictures of it next week. 

I'm secretly waiting for some more snow or frost, but temperatures are always just a bit above zero degrees. My thyme plant is doing so well still, so I cut some more and dried it for winter. I'm also still harvesting mint which I had not expected to be able at the end of November. I feel a bit chaotic in my head right now as if I need to write down a list of all the things I have to keep up with and should not forget. Maybe I will make such list right away with all the tasks that need to be done. See you in December! :)


nina. aka wippsteerts said...

Ach, die kleinen Astern blühen hier auch noch. Aber zum Wochenende hin soll es sogar hier kalt und frostig werden.
Der Advent ist nun dta und ich wünsche Dir viele schöne und besinnliche Tage.
Liebe Grüße

wideeyedtree said...

Liebe Nina! Wir hatten hier bisher nur sehr wenig Frost, eher ungewöhnlich, aber vielleicht wird es ja noch :) Ich wünsche dir auch eine schöne Adventszeit, mit ganz vielen kleinen Freuden! Alles Liebe, Claudia