November 20, 2022

*all the leaves are brown | part 2

I spotted this weathercock on a roof on one of our walks and I find it so charming! I don't see weathercocks very often anymore, but they call up good feelings in me, of a rural and idyllic world. Similar to winter chimneys with smoke or freshly baked cookies! I'm pretty bad in baking during the year, but as soon as it starts to snow my fingers are itching to bake something. Maybe I will try something new, I got myself a book some time ago with lots of receipts with more natural ingredients that I want to try out. By the way, the snow stayed over night and we could make another really nice long walk in the winter landscape. I got something in the mail that I want to show you soon! Something exciting! So stay tuned :)


cococita said...

Could you please share the title of your recipe book?
Wishing you a beautiful week ahead, filled with simple pleasures!

wideeyedtree said...

Of course, the title is: "Himmlisch gesunde Weihnachtsbäckerei" von Lynn Hoefer
Much love!