*summer to do list

Little summer to do list:

• drinking lots of fresh spearmint tea
• picking cherries
• wading barefoot through a river
• drying lavender 
• observing butterflies
• reading in the flower meadow
• sorting out all the things you don't need anymore
• surprising a loved one with a gift
• learning about native herbs
• starting a brand-new journal
• putting your phone aside
• trying out something new
• make a little campfire
• inventing a cake recipe
• collecting seeds from flowers you find on your walks
• dye your clothes with plants
• searching for glow worms
• looking for falling stars
• solving crossword puzzles
• starting a herbarium
• making ice cubes with fresh berries inside
• crafting a kite
• cutting out your favorite pictures of old magazines
• taking your time to braid your hair
• painting on stones
• arrange your clothes by color
• make a picknick in the forest

{feel free to add more
in the comments}


Isidora Vujošević said...

How about listening to turtle doves (which I hear now)? :)

wideeyedtree said...

Oh yes, that's a wonderful addition to the list! :)