August 22, 2019

*on summer paths

On summer paths 
I wander without a sound.
The emptier my mind,
the fuller my heart.

Butterfly wings
are moving with the waves of the wind,
so softly and light,
no resistance to life.

Sheeplike clouds
cover the bluest of blues
while I'm resting my head
in this chamomile bed.


Lily said...

So sieht Sommer aus!

Sasja said...

so dreamy! I haven't been on blogger as much as I woud like to be, but I will definitely be more active now. I still love to read your blogs as much as I used to!

wideeyedtree said...

@Lily: 😊🌼

@Sasja: I am looking forward to you new blogposts! I also have times when I do not blog as often, it's just life, but I like to return whenever I can! Thank you for still stopping by! ❤︎

jabbott said...

Stunning xx