August 21, 2022

*Herb & flower corner

I'm so happy how my herb & flower corner developed the last month. When we moved here, there was actually standing a big spruce. Sadly we had to remove it some years ago. It was quite crooked and leaning towards the house and with the extreme storms we are having here in our area, it was too risky to keep it. I remember that day clearly when we had to cut it down, I cried on that day, I loved it very much and did actually not want to let go of it. But after we had the most terrible hail storm last year which caused so much damage, I know we took the right decision. Only last year I started to plant a few herbs in that corner that were taking over the other garden beds. And this year I wanted to really go about it and create a place even fuller with different herbs and flowers. I also planted a willow that was growing from a seed that came with the wind into our garden. I always feel very honored when trees or plants that I did not sow decide to start a life here. 

This corner became really one of my favorite places in the garden and I love that I can see it from the kitchen window and it is close enough to pick the herbs quickly for cooking. In the first weeks a great amount of seedlings got eaten up by little bugs and snails, but I decided to do nothing and just keeping watering and suddenly everything came back and grew even beyond my wildest dreams!

So far there are growing:
▴ sage ▴ thyme ▴ rosemary ▴ lavender ▴ melissa ▴ wine mint ▴ marshmallow ▴ southernwood ▴ wild bergamot ▴ valerian ▴ spearmint ▴ chamomile ▴ chocolate mint ▴ peppermint ▴ basil ▴ nasturtium ▴ calendula ▴ different sorts of cosmea & zinnia ▴ dyer's chamomile ▴ tickseeds ▴ quaking grass ▴ mallow ▴ stevia ▴ giant poppy ▴ love in a mist ▴ curry plant ▴ roman fennel ...
Next year I would like to add some dahlia sorts.

I hope you are doing well! I'm having relapsing fever again since yesterday, but the distances between those episodes are getting longer fortunately. Have a nice Sunday!


Jana said...

Unglaublich, was du schon für eine Vielfalt hast in deinem Kräuter- und Blumenbeet. Ich bin schon gespannt auf nächstes Jahr. So schöne Fotos <3 <3 <3

wideeyedtree said...

Danke, liebe Jana! Ich bin auch schon gespannt, was das nächste Jahr bringen wird! Ich freu mich schon auf dich!

Düschen said...

All das grün ist so wunderschön!🌿

wideeyedtree said...

Danke, liebe Marie!