August 10, 2022

*Garden update

Some pictures of our vegetable & flower spot in late July.
The first tomatoes turned red just when August started and the plants are looking so robust and healthy this year. It seems they like the ongoing heat waves! The birds are already picking out the seeds from the sunflowers, but this is ok, I actually mainly grow them for the birds.

Not long ago two redstart babies fell out of their nest and we were not able to put them back, so I made a nest for them and luckily the mother accepted it and fed them further. One of the birds unfortunately died a few days later, maybe the fall gave him internal injuries, I really don't know, but the other bird is doing well and seems very used to my presence, he is always around and sitting in the garden beds and in the greenhouse. He is such a funny little guy! I'm glad to have him around!

Last year I collected many seeds of my favorite cosmos sort "Cupcake Blush", where the outer petals are like a cup and not separated like usually and in the middle they have those little thin, fluffy petals. I had white and light pink ones, but obviously they mixed with another cosmos sort and now I have those deep purple ones. I had not expected this at all, it was a nice surprise!

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