*Hello Autumn!

The colors are slowly changing,
flowers are withering,
and the different angle in wich the light comes through the windows of our home
makes it so cozy inside, that it feels save to turn inward after the outgoing season of summer.
The rain brought mushrooms and snails and the first cold and like every year I feel surprised of how fast it already gets dark in the evenings.
Have a good start into the new season and until soon again!


*trip to the moor

{Music: The Woods – Hollow Coves}

A safe place somewhere in the woods.



It was really a berry-rich summer!
We had red, yellow and black raspberries, japanese wineberries, jostaberries, two sorts of gooseberries, physalis and so many blackberries. And strawberries of course! I have one sort called forest fairy that produces from the beginning of summer until late autumn – they are incredible! Lately I had a dream where I saw big ripe strawberries covered with snow. Maybe winter is coming early this year, who knows ;)
The tiny white insect is one of my favorite insects. It is called white plume moth and every time I spot one in the garden I'm thrilled! It's such a beautiful, ethereal being!


*moon loves sun

Moon loves Sun.


*the simple joys of summer | part 4

Bright yellow flowers, 
reading in bed,
breakfast under the birches in the flickering morning light,
freshly picked berries from the garden.
What are your simple joys?



When all was still in full bloom.
This year I had a sunflower in the greenhouse. Not really essential, but fun :)
Everything ripened super fast, but also started to wither earlier, because of the long and steady heatwave we had. Nearly no rain at all! The first grapes were ripe at the end of July! That's crazy!


*Dugi Otok

{Music: Walking With A Stranger – Chris Staples + 
Dog Blowing A Clarinet – Christ Staples}

If you just stay true, some good things are coming back to you.


And lastly some motion-picture impressions from our vacation.
The dolphin was my personal highlight of course!
It had rained before, so no one was in the sea, but I went swimming anyway and when I stepped outside the water, it suddenly appeared and luckily I had my camera with me, so I can share this moment with you!


*Tulip sea

Story time.


*Dugi Otok | part 6

Last pictures of our vacation
and I already miss the sea again!