*dark clouds, fall winds and braided hair

Dark clouds, fall winds and braided hair.
We are having our first snow! I was pretty surprised when it started yesterday evening. I packed my camera and made a walk when it was still dark in the morning to enjoy it, before it is all gone again, but it's still there now! I also started to crochet after a long break. It feels good to do some needlework again, especially with those long evenings. Have a good start into the new week and keep warm!


*autumn wind

{Music: Happiness Does Not Wait – Olafur Arnalds}

Playing with the autumn wind.



Hibernation place of my succulents. (and fig tree)


*cozy home

The golden October has been replaced with a misty and dark November.
A drastic change, but it is still quite mild. No first snow yet!
My urge for a simple way of living was never greater.
And never have I felt more fulfilled.

Have a good start into the new week and feel free to tell me how you create coziness at this time of the year for yourself to get along with those dark days.


*Falling for fall

{Music: Les îles Féroé – Oskar Schuster}


*Fall moments | part 2

Yellow trees and apples and one tiny dog.




I made this fox illustration for the spoonflower animal tea towel contest some weeks ago. It is designed to fit exactly a Fat Quarter of "Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra" fabric, so it's perfect for getting one tea towel out of it, or 4 pieces if you order one yard of the fabric. Thank you to all who already purchased my fox fabric or other designs! Happy sewing!


*yellow and blue

Fall is all about introspection,
reading and enjoying the everyday changes of nature.


*Yellow October

{Music: Fjarlægur – Oskar Schuster}

We had a super dry and stormy October.
Yellow was its dominant color.