*white | part 2

Before Christmas I connected all the crochet snow flakes I got from dear Lotte to decorate the kitchen window. And I found this snow heart in the middle of the forest :)


*white | part 1

And everything emptying into white.



My computer is not doing good lately, so I am not able to blog as regularly as usual.

Some pictures of the dark days filled with crocheting, writing and candle light.
We have exceptional much snow in some parts of Austria right now, maybe you have seen it in the news or are actually living in those parts! But here it only started to snow tonight a little bit again.

Stay warm and safe!


*A new year

I hope you all had a smooth transition into the new year!
We celebrated with homemade Fondue, a little firework and the traditional lead-pouring. My personal highlight was the amazing shooting star that I have spotted on the clear night sky shortly after midnight. A lovely symbol to start 2019! 


*Only at Christmas

{Music: Only at Christmas Time – Sufjan Stevens}


*winter mistiness

The very last days of the year. 
I hope you feel ready for a fresh start!


*Gingerbread & White dreams

{Music: Point Zero – Yann Tiersen}

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas!


*sweet preparations

It's not the taste, it is the smell, the feeling it creates when baking in the right mood happens without time pressure and expectations. It's never the same in the other seasons, it's only at Christmas... :)


*in between

In between the snow days we had some misty, wet days where everything was bathed in the most wonderful green tones. The lichens on the branches were glowing and nature was soaking up gratefully the rain after that exceptional dry year.


*Hello, December!

{Music: Sewee Sewee – Mountain Man}

Winter walks
and Christmas baking.