*poppy fields

Poppy fields are so beautiful in all stages. 
Have a good start into the new week!



Somehow I really enjoy painting watering cans. I did not have to use mine very much this year as we had lots of welcome rain. There are also so many birds in our garden lately which makes me really happy, even a hoopoe visited us! Such an exotic looking bird! And so rare! We also have a lot of bats and the hedgehogs love our cherry laurel hedge which has grown immensely this summer.


*countryside living

The grain fields that are behaving like an ocean on a windy day,
the stag beetles that are crossing my way,
the feeling of a simple summer skirt on my skin,
never ever have I regretted one single moment to have moved to the countryside.



{Music: The Pink House – The Gloaming}

I did not have so much time to film this summer, 
because of work, but nevertheless I wanted to summarize some of my summer moments in a little movie.


*some more happy animals

I really like painting with a limited color palette and it's one of my favorite things to choose those few colors before starting with a new painting. It was also time for a new pattern design. I like simple and airy patterns. I think the little birds would make lovely toddler bedclothes! I would also not mind having a pillow with that pattern :) BTW, it is available in my spoonflower shop now in two different color variations.


*some happy animals

Two days ago I finished my last commission before our little holiday starts. It feels good to finally be able to concentrate on my own stuff again, to be able to experiment more again without any pressure. So I made some more lake pigments from flowers in the garden. They are drying right now and I'm very excited how the colors will turn out in the end! 

Yesterday evening we made a lovely walk in the sunset and there was a huge flock of birds in the air. Everyone who knows me a little better, knows that I couldn't be any happier when I spot a flock of birds in the sky! Luckily I had my analogue camera with me and could take some pictures, but I don't know yet if they will turn out ok at all, as I got myself a "new" old secondhand camera after my zenit-E unfortunately broke and it's always risky with such old used cameras and I have to see if it works at all and this is my first film with it. So keep your fingers crosses that the camera works properly and we will be pleased with some nice bird pictures in the end :)

I really love this time of the year, when you can already smell fall in the fresh morning air and the light starts slowly to change and gets softer. Are you looking forward to fall? Where you able to make a little vacation this year despite of the circumstances? I hope you are all well and are able to enjoy the simple things in life!


*little house in the forest

We visited the little abandoned house in the forest again. Whenever I get the chance, I take a new picture of it! Still I haven't managed to be there in winter though. It must look so lovely when it snows!


*Burgenland | part 2

Moody skies & waving fields.


*Burgenland | part 1

On our little vacation at the end of June we made a stop in the Burgenland. It rained most of the time, but I truly loved the wide open meadows and the amount of wild flowers everywhere. We have seen several storks, but sadly I was not able to catch them with my camera.