*flowery moments

Flowery moments.


*hanging out with the last sunflowers

Hanging out with the last sunflowers and enjoying the mild fall days.

In the meanwhile it got cooler, we had morning frost again, which was beautiful and I even saw the first snow today! We went towards the woodquarter and some places had a slight white snow cover. I did not expect that at all, it was a really nice surprise!



Nature details. 


*beauty around us

Beauty is all around us.
It could be so wonderful,
if people stopped making it all so complicated.

God is very simple.


*End of October

{Music: Keep me – Elliot Ziegler}

A little movie from the end of October:
Many misty days 
and the wind was so strong
that it made our bedroom curtain dance again. 
I enjoyed the withered sunflowers on the fields so much.
I like them in that progressed stage even more then when they are in full bloom. 
Have a nice weekend!


*forest trip

My black&white photos have finally arrived. They are from our little vacation in the woods at the end of summer. Even though not everything went so well on that trip, those forest moments will keep in good memory to me. 

Meanwhile we had the first real frost on Friday which made the leaves fall faster from the trees and soon they will be all gone, but this short time frame where the leaves are flying from the trees like the raindrops from the sky on a wet day is just magical! Don't you think?

I will now make myself a nice cup of black tea with milk and will continue painting on my new project. Have a wonderful Sunday!



Freedom within.


*October moments

{Music: Thirteens - The Bulwark}

In October there was this grasshopper that visited my garden beds regularly. Every day he sat on a different zinnia flower and I loved to observe him closely and took many pictures and also filmed him a little.

So, I was not the only one who was obsessed with the zinnia flowers. I got the seeds from my dear friend Sylvie from Belgium. I will definitely sow them again next year, they are too pretty!



Old lantern

Autumnal outfit



Autumnal food/Drink


Animal of choice


Happy Halloween

I always wanted to join Inktober. For those who do not know what Inktober is, it is a drawing challenge where you paint each day of October one picture (prompts are given). But because I know already that I wouldn't manage, I chose a lighter version hosted by Sara Kajba, better known as Moonchildillustrations. The challenge was called #moontoberweekends and we had to paint 10 prompts, mostly presented on the weekends. I thought I make a coherent series and invent new mouse characters for it. I hope you like them and I wish you a happy Halloween evening!


*fairy tales

How has your October been? Another month is coming to an end already!
We had very foggy days lately. A thick fog blanket that rested on our region the whole day. It inspired me to make long walks in the early morning hours where everything was still so calm. I met several roes that were lying between the vineyards. We observed each other quietly and I manage to get away again without distracting them. 
There is a box in the city where you can bring books that you don't need anymore. When I put in some of my read books again, I found a beautiful book with a collection of Andersen's fairy tales that I took home with me. I really love it! Many fairy tales and stories that I did not know yet and that touched me deeply. It is the perfect time for a good read!
I hope you are doing well and enjoy the last October days! Stay cozy + take care!