blooming tree

On my first bike ride of the year I found this amazing blooming tree with a tiny stream beneath.
It was such a magical place, the sun painted everything in a warm golden light and you could hear an orchestra of insects swarming busily around the blossoms.


Bravo Girl

A part of one of my stamp tutorials that I made for the DaWanda DIY book was published in Bravo Girl :)


Garden girls

Last week I finished this illustration series that I call "garden girls".
Well, you can easily tell what is on my mind lately ;)


{pictures from Lotte and me}
Since many years Lotte  and I were dreaming of being able to grow our own veggies and care for a piece of garden. Last year this dream came true for both of us! To connect our garden adventures, Lotte had the great idea of making a common picture album in flickr that we will update regularly over the coming year and who knows, maybe even much longer!
I'm looking very much forward to it and maybe we can inspire others too to grow their own plants and enjoy natures gifts.



Pictures of the first warmer day last Thursday.
I made a garland of daisies for Sunny, but he seemed not very impressed ;)
Yesterday we got our bikes out of the cellar to make a little bike trip (the first of the year) and found an amazing blooming tree between the fields that I will show you soon. I'm so happy that the cold season comes to an end now!

Ps: The blue jumpsuit I am wearing is a gift from my sister, she found it recently on a flea market. I can not think of anything more comfortable to wear, next to dresses ;)

Garden update

At the end of last month we finished our new three garden beds. We had to find a solution to make them even, because our garden is situated a bit on a hillside. We used old bricks to do so and created two paths with pebbles between them. I think it turned out really nicely! 
And I started to raise some veggies inside, some of them grew so fast that I had to remove them again and start at a later date. But the rest was ok and I am looking forward to bring them outside when time is right. I can not think of anything more reasonable than growing my own food.
Have a lovely Sunday!


my workroom

Team Etsy Austria is making an instagram campaign
and therefor I made some pictures of my workspace and thought I could show them here as well ;)
Have a good day! I had definitely a good one - it is getting warmer, I sowed some seeds and had some quality time with Sunny in the sunshine.


dark clouds

Whenever I spot a swarm of birds I'm feeling straightway full of bliss.


Lately on my table

...lots of yellow, orange and pink tones.