*Island Cres | part 1

Exactly one month ago we had our summer vacation on the Croatian island Cres. We have been there in 2015 already, but this time we explored it with our camper van. The weather was exceptional hot the first days and we have been able to stay for ages in the water, because the sea felt warm like in the bathtub. As always we explored hidden paths and I was looking for little treasures on the beach and found this weird looking wooden creature and a lot of sea glass. The stones were filled with the warmth of the day that it was super nice to sit down on them in the evenings and just watch the sun going down and the gentle waves rolling over the stones.


*seasons poetry

Summer absorbed me fully with all it's duties, pleasures and little delights. It goes by far too quick! Summers are so short in this country anyway, but I try to be filled with the warm season as much as possible to withstand the long cold months that will follow for sure. But I love every season and the ever ongoing change which initially gives flavour to life!

It is apricot season right now, so I'm busy with preserving them. I also open the stones to get the kernels inside, that taste a bit like almonds. Although the extreme heat of June and dryness of the last weeks caused my vegetable garden to suffer a lot, I was able to pick the first cucumbers, which is always a special moment to me! I have to update my garden album soon that I am sharing with Lotte, who is very very busy with renovating their house at the moment!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your July days!


*whites and winds

My sister gave me another of her vintage dresses. It waves like our curtains in the summer wind. I love to wear white, it feels the best to me, but it's unpractically most of the time if you want to stay clean :D White flowers also speak to me! The ones on the picture is an aquilegia sort called "Green Apples“ that I have grown from seed last year. This year they started to bloom the first time! Such delicate blossoms!


*Little things

{Music: Dust inside the light – Florist}

Little things –
like walking barefoot in the green damp morning grass,
feeling the soft summer breeze on the fine little hairs of your arms,
light behind the curtains,
touching the soft petals of a poppy flower,
the smell of pink roses,
a tiny bird sitting on a big roof,
the sweet looking shadow of Sunny when we are doing our daily walks,
summer fields in the most mellow evening light –
those little things
are often the greatest.


*poppy pink

This opium poppy field was just amazing! Sadly I could not take more pictures, because my roll of film was finished and I had no extra film with me, but I will never forget how beautiful it was to see all those rose colored big flower heads waving in the warmest summer wind.


*Early summer flower dreams

{Music: Emer's dream – Colm Mac Con Iomaire}



Just being in nature surrounded by flowers and wild grasses
secretly feels like one of the most meaningful things to me.

{The blue vintage dress is a gift from my dear sister}


*words and hearts

They divide
what is supposed to stay whole.
They come out of my mouth too quick
not at all.
They hurt
without intention
and can not describe
what I have to say

They don't need words.
They are eyes without mouths.
They are hands without nails.
Always whole
and so simple.


*red poppy

One of my favorite time is when my giant red poppy starts to bloom. It planted itself some years ago, directly behind the greenhouse and started with one flower and every year it got more. You often try so hard to grow a plant outside and you fail and then out of the nowhere a beautiful plant grows for you without any effort. Life is beautiful!


*forest bear

Spoonflower made another animal portrait tea towel contest and I could not resist taking part again. Last year I made this fox  and this time I decided to make a forest bear matching the style of the other towel design. I made place 17 of 611 submissions which was quite a surprise! 
The fabric is available now in my spoonflower shop! If you order one Fat Quarter of "Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra" fabric, you get exactly one tea towel out of it, if you order one yard, you can make 4 towels.