Garden update

My nasturtium is still growing like crazy. What a big plant from only a few little seeds.
The salad I planted end of September is doing also good, I'm harvesting every day.
The highlight was the pepino I was able to pick. The plant is also in the greenhouse. It was delicious! After all salad is harvested I will make a gardening break to gain some energy for next spring.

Oh, and no sweeping up leaves this year. The storms blew them all away!

Have a nice Saturday!


Der Weihnachtsladen

Tomorrow starts the first Etsy Team Austria pop-up store in Vienna!
More than 30 Etsy seller are presenting their hand-crafted products and artwork.
The store will be open for 4 weeks. Here you can find some more information.
If you are in Vienna the next weeks, don't hesitate to come by!
I made a fb banner with my illustration for the event to spark some Christmas feeling ;)


Be happy!

More post card motifs.

It's rainy and grey here, no real winter in sight.
Did you have snow so far?


postcards and mail

Postcards with my illustrations and outgoing mail.
I've sent away my tenth pilea baby :)



I enjoy reading Fräulein Ordnung's blog. It is mainly about keeping order and the joy of a decluttered home. Every Saturday she is showing a review about moments and things that made her happy during the last week. Everyone can join and leave a link on her site.
Here we go:
Preparing for the etsy pop-up shop starting next week.

Sticking four-leaf clovers into my sketchbook.

Reading one of Tom Hodgkinson's great books.
{How to be free}

My latest linoleum prints.

Watching Mr. woodpecker.

Wish you all a cozy weekend!


Portrait of a lady I

Portrait of a lady I
linoleum print
{Din A4, 29,7 x 21 cm | 250g acid-free paper}
limited edition of 24


October mail

Fairy card from Sara and 2 b/w cards from Lily.

 Do you know Svenja from The Bindery of Awesomeness? She is also part of the new DaWanda DIY book and some longer time ago she ordered one of my doily rugs. I was really happy when she asked me to do a swap. I sent her illustrations and cards and she sent me this pretty handbound notebook and fanfold. You should definitely check out her other great work in her DaWanda shop!

Two times happy mail from my friend Larissa. She made this big food collage for me - it has a special meaning for both of us.

Lily was on a trip to Budapest and sent me this beautiful flower card. The stamps on the envelope are having  stitched details! She also sent me wonderful notebooks, I can't wait to use them! And as the crowning she knitted me a hat! It was her first needle work since 30 year she said! How awesome!

Another letter from Amalia! 



Bird life

The happy life of birds.


More mushrooms!

New breakfast boards!
{Available here + here}


Cards, cards, cards

I'm preparing for an upcoming pop up shop (more about it later),
so it's all about printing, labeling, packing and doing other arrangements.
Busy times!