*Dugi Otok | part 5

When I'm at the beach I can't resist collecting all kinds of things there, natural sponges, shells,
pretty stones and sea glass. It's perfect to free the head from all worries and pains.



In case you have wondered how hot-air balloons are created :)


*Dugi Otok | part 4

All the natural color shades...



Some of my latest illustrations.


*Dugi Otok | part 3

There were many amazing viewpoints
and the villages where so charming with their old buildings.
I love their simplicity!


* Dugi Otok | part 2

Evening strolls at the beach.
I loved all the stones with all their natural engraved ornaments
originated over centuries.


*Dugi Otok | part 1

This year we decided to explore the Croatian island Dugi Otok in our summer vacation.
It is the largest island among the North Dalmatian islands (45km long and between 1 to 4 km wide) and has a beautiful big nature park with a natural salt lake and there are no big cities or crowded places, actually there are only a view small villages and two camping sites, that opened only a few years ago. We stayed at the camping site at the light house in the north of the island and explored bit by bit the whole island with our van and by foot. 


*My July

{Music: Twenty Toes – Tom Rosenthal}

In July I gave shelter to a bumblebee without wings, 
preserved lots of apricots and berries,
wandered through golden fields, 
enjoyed all flowers,
had breakfast in the soft morning light under the birches and
rented an electric boat with R. and Sunny dog.
How was your July?



Time for some artwork again.


*the simple joys of summer | part 3

Walks through the golden fields, cornflowers
and trustful stag beetles.


*the simple joys of summer | part 2

This summer is full of wild camomile.


*the simple joys of summer | part 1

Blue skies, homemade food, bike rides between green fields, a peaceful mind –
what more can you demand?


*the key

In memory of Josefine and her beloved roses.