*golden light

That morning was truly magical. All was full of the prettiest spiderwebs that were moving gently in the wind. All was touched in golden light to praise all being.



{Music: Dreams – The Cranberries (Cover by Macy Garrett)}

All my life
Is changing every day
In every possible way


*breakfast with spruces

There is a big forest decline in Austria which is very sad. Especially of coniferous trees.
So I try to enjoy them even more and set up my breakfast under the spruces in our garden. They are suffering a lot because of the crazy dryness. I water them regularly, but with the storms it only seems like a drop in the ocean. I hope we can have them still for a view more years at least! They are huge!


*apple trees and nature findings

I found this pretty deer skull on one of my walks.
We are having an amazing apple year!
The trees are so full that they are hardly able to carry all the fruits.
I have been setting up the wild cam again and saw that the fox still visits our garden at night. Such a precious animal! I read that they don't only eat meat and insects, they also like to eat fallen fruits! I did not know that yet!



It takes like forever until the big red morning sun rises nowadays,
but it's the best time to do some studies.

Making lots of envelopes out of pretty papers for my snail-mail adventures and feeling grateful for all my pen pals all over the world.

Because there is so much happening lately I started to write diary again as well to order my thoughts and new insights. I highly recommend it, if you are feeling overwhelmed easily!



My friend Lotte started after some break a new blog where she is sharing her handmade creations and ideas and other lovely things with us! Feel free to have a look! ---> BLOESEMS


*At night in the garden

We were always interested what is actually going on in our garden at night-time, because often we hear the weirdest noises and sounds, so my father gifted me a wild cam to my Birthday and since then we were able to catch some of those visitors on picture!


*home/s in a bottle

Home/s in a bottle.



Blooming heather and birch trees...
The moor is so beautiful in so many ways!
Last week we had one week off and our first stop was the moor again,
all was full of fly agarics and other mushrooms.
We headed then to the mountains and it was super hot, we had over 30 degrees and this week we had the first minus degrees - crazy change!
My succulents are all in, I harvested my pumpkins and I am preparing the garden for winter.
Further I have been illustrating a lot and taking part in some challenges. (more about that later)
Enjoy the last days of September!


*Hello Autumn!

The colors are slowly changing,
flowers are withering,
and the different angle in wich the light comes through the windows of our home
makes it so cozy inside, that it feels save to turn inward after the outgoing season of summer.
The rain brought mushrooms and snails and the first cold and like every year I feel surprised of how fast it already gets dark in the evenings.
Have a good start into the new season and until soon again!


*trip to the moor

{Music: The Woods – Hollow Coves}

A safe place somewhere in the woods.



It was really a berry-rich summer!
We had red, yellow and black raspberries, japanese wineberries, jostaberries, two sorts of gooseberries, physalis and so many blackberries. And strawberries of course! I have one sort called forest fairy that produces from the beginning of summer until late autumn – they are incredible! Lately I had a dream where I saw big ripe strawberries covered with snow. Maybe winter is coming early this year, who knows ;)
The tiny white insect is one of my favorite insects. It is called white plume moth and every time I spot one in the garden I'm thrilled! It's such a beautiful, ethereal being!


*moon loves sun

Moon loves Sun.


*the simple joys of summer | part 4

Bright yellow flowers, 
reading in bed,
breakfast under the birches in the flickering morning light,
freshly picked berries from the garden.
What are your simple joys?