*spring moments

How have your first days of June been? 
R. and I made a little trip to the wood quarter and stayed over night in the forest. It was the first time that the weather was really warm and the evening light was so soft and the woods were full of little white butterflies. And the night was so silent, no car noises, not even the animals made a sound. It was perfect and felt very rewarding after all the work we had done the last weeks.
When we were home again, we worked further to create new garden beds and cared for all the trees. We have to regularly remove the wildlife protection grids and fill the mice holes with soil as they create damage to the roots otherwise. Since it is warmer, everything finally starts to grow so fast! Today I will collect some elderflowers to dry. Right now I'm making some fresh peppermint tea from the garden to start the day. Wishing you a good time!

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Lily said...

So wunderschön!