August 03, 2018

*Dugi Otok | part 1

This year we decided to explore the Croatian island Dugi Otok in our summer vacation. It is the largest island among the North Dalmatian islands (45km long and between 1 to 4 km wide) and has a beautiful big nature park with a natural salt lake and there are no big cities or crowded places, actually there are only a view small villages and two camping sites, that opened only a few years ago. We stayed at the camping site at the light house in the north of the island and explored bit by bit the whole island with our van and by foot. 


Sandra Dunn said...

I became very interested in Croatia as they almost won the World Cup. I'm so glad to get to see your pics of one of the beautiful islands! Love the lighthouse.

wideeyedtree said...

I once made a DNA test to get to know my heritage and it came out I am 30% Croatian :) Maybe that's why I love to go there so much :)