wild poppy

Not long ago a huge field not far away from our home was surrounded by wild poppy. The atmosphere was so appealing that I visited this place several times to enjoy this red flower ocean.

{Music: Brian Crain - Wind}

Have a good start into the new week!


jabbott said...

Beautiful place hope you are ok xxx

cococita said...

Such a beauty!
I always forgot my camera when we passed by a field here: there were so many this year and I even saw a white variety for the first time ever. Truly special.
Your plants are enjoying the breeze as well: so would I, although the temperature decreased here a tiny little bit now.
Nevertheless I am longing for a drop of rain ...

Sandra Dunn said...

You are such a beautiful part of that poppy filed. We have huge wild native poppies here - they are called Prickly Poppy - I will have to send you a picture one day.

wide-eyed-tree said...

@jabbott I do my best! xox!

@cococita: White poppy is my favorite! It is so rare and I luckily found also some on my bike trips! I also made pictures, I will show them soon! And recently I saw some pink poppy fields :) Hope you get some rain soon!

@Sandra: Thank you :) Huge wild poppy sounds amazing! I love all sorts of poppy!