home sweet home

I love the sound of empty rooms.
I'm sure you all experienced it, when you moved from one place to another, how it changed the sound of the room after putting in all your belongings. Empty spaces have a peculiar charm to me. I often daydream of a huge room in a mansion with high ceilings, an old wooden floor and big opened windows with transparent curtains, fluttering in the wind. My whole being is breathing a sigh of relief when thinking of this. The house we live in has quite small rooms, nevertheless I managed to bring in that feeling more and more. Energy is floating around as it should and the sound of empty spaces returns.
At the weekend I took my time to stick in some more pictures into my inspiration journal. This is always a relaxing thing to do. {more pictures to follow}
Weather is pretty crazy right now, thunder and sun alternate quicker than you think it might be possible. A good start into the new week to you all, my dear readers!


jabbott said...

Have a nice week also x

cococita said...

Weather is crazy and pretty challenging as well and the first victims literally fall here :( We are paying the price for having treated our planet so wrongly ...
Thank you for the inspiration of your journal: it matches my personal taste perfectly!
Wishing you a lovely week -filled with well-being- ahead!

wide-eyed-tree said...

@jabbott: Thank you!

@cococita: I'm glad we have the same taste :) Let's take the challenge and make it a better place!