at the lake

At the end of May we made a weekend trip to the lakes of the wood quarter. Weather was changeable, so it happened that there were hardly any other people. I could imagine living a life on the road, staying at different pretty places with only little luggage, living in the moment, enjoying nature and sleeping in the van. Sunny loves it too. Whenever we return from one of our trips, he refuses to step out of the vehicle. And he wants to jump inside every car that has the door opened which can be tricky sometimes ;)
Weather is still changeable, but I managed to go swimming several times. It's not really the summery feeling yet, but refreshing for the whole body system. Enjoy your last weekend hours + see you soon again ;)


cococita said...

Your words resonate strongly with me, although I will always need a haven to get home to ...
Wishing you a wonder-ful week and plenty of swimming joy ahead!

Sandra Dunn said...

Did you guys paddle around in that lovely boat?! :) Looks sublime and peaceful.