March 10, 2018

*silhouette mint

My friend Irina gifted me this silhouette mint, a custom stamp maker, to my birthday! First I was sceptic, but after I tried it out, I got hooked! I took some of my older designs and transformed them into outline pictures so I could use them to create stamps. And it worked really nice! The only downside is, that you can not use normal ink pads, because the relief is not deep enough, instead you have to apply specific colors, but once you have applied them on the stamp, they get absorbed and so you can stamp multiple times before you have to use new ink. I really like the result! What a lovely little tool!
What do you think?


fionalovestocook said...

Oh Claudia, this little stamp maker is just too cool and super useful!
and your design of the doggy & elephant are so adorable~ ^_^
I just watch how it works on vimeo, so fun! Great for artist like you.

wideeyedtree said...

Yes, it is really a lovely little tool and so great for people like us who love to decorate our letters :)