*one grey cloud

The last days of March,
when the sun finally came out.
Nature was still sleeping,
my skin pale.

I found this little wasps' nest,
nature's perfection.
The same wasp species is building nests
in my greenhouse every year.
So far they behaved quite friendly,
let's see about this year.

That same day I spotted a blanket of snowdrops
in a hidden place in the forest.
Usually I never find snowdrops in the area 
I live, because it's too dry,
so I was really pleased about that blooming spot!

Have a good Friday!


Twinkle said...

Nice post. Interesting images. Thanks for sharing the post.

cococita said...

We've got a similar nest
and the wasps almost behave like pets:
they are so special and unique to observe.
As if they are drunk all the time,
so lazy, so gentle ...