Finally spring arrived,
but in our area it is so stormy right now,
that it is hard to enjoy time outside.
Nevertheless I started working a lot in the garden, cut the hedge and berry plants,
prepared the greenhouse to be able to finally start sowing some greens. Also I was able to pick first chickweed to make green refreshing juices. From now on it can only get better ;)
Have a lovely spring time!


yoojin said...

Beautiful illustration!!! Yesterday was stormy here as well, but aside from yesterday the weather is so nice and warm around here! Finally we can start enjoying staying in the garden the entire day. :) Hopefully you have good weather soon again! :D

cococita said...

I too love this illustration!

We are having extremely stormy weather as well:
so bad that the apple tree we planted last year
fell down today ...

I hope that we'll be able to mend him
as this makes me feel so sad
yet we'll be waiting a little bit
as hail and thunderstorms and even stronger winds
are on their way ...

Keep warm inside!

jabbott said...

Have a lovely spring when it arrives!feeling like winter today here. I did buy compost this week I'm eager to get planting, love the illustration.

wide-eyed-tree said...

@yoojin: Thank you, my dear! Yes, finally! We had to be really patient this year! Enjoy your time in the garden! I still sow your Korean cucumber! Every year I keep new seeds and sow them again :) So many years now!

@cococita: Thank you! Oh, then you also have those storms, your area seems often very similar to ours somehow! So sorry to hear about your apple tree! We usually put one or two wooden staffs near to every tree we plant, to fixate it, otherwise it would also not work! I hope you can save the tree!

@jabbott: Thank you! Have a good time in the garden as well! I love this time of the year, even though it's such a busy one!

cococita said...

Exactly what we did, Claudia, yet apparently the wood wasn't strong enough
and they went down together ...
Luckily, it looks like we saved our dear tree:
again a lesson learnt and a great reminder.
Nature often is stronger than I think it is ...

Bloesems said...

i hope sping will come your way now and much lovely blossoms grow and you can enjoy them around you.
This image is very lovely claudia !

wide-eyed-tree said...

@cococita: So good that you could save it! Yes, nature is indeed extreme strong! <3

@Bloesems: Thank you! Yes, it is here now finally and it is such a nice feeling!