*still winter

It's March already!

This February we had only a few days without snow. At the end of the month we experienced extreme temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees and freezing winds.
There was a lot to celebrate – Birthdays of beloved ones, a newborn Baby in the family, my 11 year anniversary with Ronald and in two days is my own Birthday. It seems it will still be a wintery one and I can't come up with spring pictures yet, as we just returned from a trip to the Salzburger mountains where the snow was knee-high, the air crispy and the evenings cozy and calm. I did some more illustrations and had many nice ideas that I want to realize bit by bit.

I wish you a great start into the new month!
Until soon again!

PS: The bird on the third picture is a male pheasant. Pheasants look so clumsy when they fly, as if they crash into something any moment. Like every flight is a potential crash landing and when they run they look like a roadrunner, very funny animals!


Sandra Dunn said...

I have heard about your extreme cold temps there. My uncle in Germany said he'd only get to do necessary shopping and he likes to walk and bike several miles every day in all kinds of weather. I feel for you. We barely had a winter here. Some days in February when ice came to freeze us in. Spring is very slow in coming here also. Many joys and congratulations on your nephew's arrival, your b-day!! and lovely eleventh anniversary to you and Ronald! Warmth and love to your soul dear friend.

Katyha said...

CLAUDIA! happy anniversary and happy birthday too! I think my letter won't make it by that time so I hope it is a truly wonderful day. I am still madly writing and hoping to send it by this week ;)

wide-eyed-tree said...

@Sandra: Yes, it was very exceptional! So weird, that you had no real winter though! Thank you for your wishes! I also got your card already! It's so funny! I could literally smell those sweet worms. It's so many years ago since I last ate such kind of candy! But I still remember that smell!

@Katyha: Thank you, thank you! I am looking forward to your letter! <3