*the shadow behind me

The sun is hiding since many days.
After a one year break
I finally felt like illustrating again.
It is a weird relationship between me and making art.
I would love to be able to paint the fabulous landscapes I see in my dreams with oil colors, 
but I know I would never ever be satisfied with the results, so I don't do it.
I wish I could show those images to others,
that world, so surreal and magical at once.
I like illustrating, but at some point when sitting too long at one place,
it makes me feel really unwell in my body and I am still not able to keep the balance.
That's why photography seems to be the only art form so far
that really makes me feel good overall.
It combines creativity, moving my body and focus of my mind and it connects me to the inner and outer world equally.

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jabbott said...

Photography is a good instant artwork you excel well in xx