*a fresh start

The new year has started.
I'm way behind with my analogue pictures. 
Those are still from the beginning of December.
Since then we did not have any snow anymore,
on the contrary the last day of the old year was incredible warm.
Tried to soak up some sun beams while sitting on the terrace
with my exhausted body. (from food poisoning)
Definitely easy for me to let the old year behind me.
It was good, it was bad, 
it was full of hope and despair.
It was peaceful like never before.
Still at times I am fighting my own inner wars
when pain gets too intense to be able to deny that it is there.

I love new beginnings.
What will this year bring for us?
Let's wait and see!


Katyha said...

all the best for 2018

wide-eyed-tree said...

Thank you! You too, my dear! Will write you soon!