White houses and blue sky in city of Pag.



There was this place,
it felt so abandoned –
I instantly fell in love with it.



The whole color palette of all the dry flowers and plants
in combination with the sea and the rocks was so soothing for the eyes. 
Pure harmony.


*island pag

Then we reached island Pag and found a lovely,
familiar camping site located next to the beach and lots of wild nature around.
There were no shops or anything near, so it was never crowded.
We explored every direction and I collected some pretty stones and sea glass.



The next stop we had in Starigrad-Paklenica.
We stayed at a nice little camping site located in a cypress grove
with lots of wild birds chattering and flying around all day.
It was quite windy most of the time, but a warm, pleasant wind.



First we made a stop in Klenovica.
There was a path next to the ocean
where you could walk endlessly
in the warmest evening light.
I loved all the dry flowers and grasses there.
The sea was calm and you could see island Krk
in the distance.


*croatia vacation

A little movie of our Croatia trip.

This time we explored island Pag.
It is very different to the other islands we have seen so far,
but really beautiful! Little vegetation,
some parts even look like places from another continent
or some sort of moon landscape.
Weather was crazy. First very hot, then heavy rains and hail.
It felt like the end of the world.
But it wasn't.


*late august

Pictures from late August.

Yellow raspberries from the garden,
the greenhouse in the warm evening light
and little treasures from my walks.


*wild meadows and fruit trees

If you have seen the little movie I made on my name day,
you surely remember that place on the last picture.
I love wild meadows with fruit trees. It's rarer here than where I grew up.
I always keep my eyes open for places like that on my walks.



In quietness are all things answered.



*snail universe part 2

Some more snail pictures from the garden.


*snail universe

We had more snails than usual in our garden this year,
so I had lots of opportunities to observe them.
Their world is like a whole other universe.
The Roman snail can live up to thirty years! 
But in the wild they usually don't reach that age.



I'm playing with macro film photography lately
and am quite enthusiastic about the results.
So much to explore!



Life is full of contrasts.
Here I hold the late flower of a thistle.
I can't imagine anything
that feels softer!