Hello 2017!
Wondering what this new year will bring!
I'm happy with the low temperatures - right now it is gently snowing.
Did you make any New Years resolutions?
I am a fan of new beginnings, so I always like the idea of seeing the new year as a fresh start.
I used this opportunity to start a new journal to write down ideas, plans and thoughts and to keep track about certain things. Anyway, I hope you are all fine and I also wanted to thank everybody who sent me a Christmas card this year! I appreciate it a lot!


jabbott said...

Happy new year Claudia. I'm glad you are journaling it's a good way to organise your day and thoughts. I love to journal also gets me drawing each day xx

Sandra Dunn said...

Good to see you in the snow. :) I keep several journals. ha ha. Happy 2017 Claudia!